Feel bad asking but can you drink?

It sounds awful asking this but … the team at the chemo unit said it was fine to have a couple of drinks but still wanted to check out more… I have stayed off it really since my first chemo, but now on day ten and feeling much more lively. had bloods done and the bit to do with bone marrow was low so ive got antiboitcs in case feel unwell but I think Im on the up and dont need them unless I get a fever or sore throat or feel unwell.

I feel like ive been in hiding and was invited to a friends for some nibbles and some drinks with my friends, before the hair leaves me. I know I shouldnt really drink but was wondering if people do drink on chemo and would a few glasses of wine topped up with lemonade and ice be okay - I love my wine and lager and it would just relax me and have a fun night.

Sorry if its offended anyone
Have a lovely weekend

Hi Lisa,

I didn’t like the taste straight after fec but by the second week my taste was fine and yes I would have a couple of lagers as I used to go out regularly right through my treatment.

Go out and enjoy yourselves with friends you will feel much better for it than hiding yourself away!

Have lovely weekend.

Denio x

Hi LIsa - go for it, have fine. Be careful though - the hangover can be much worse than usual. I tend to just have a couple and avoid the morning after feeling!

Have fun, enjoy yourself whenever you feel up to it

Racing Night at my local pub tonight, for Maggie’s Centre…and yes, I’ll be having a couple…and wearing my pink wig!!!

Have a great time

Sue xxx

Hi Lisa, I also enjoyed a drink through my chemo, couldnt face it the few days after it, but would be fine after that. I also love wine and beer, but for some reason could not drink beer at all, went off it through chemo, although still enjoyed red wine.

I drank all the way through chemo and i had to have 8XFec (heavy going) it relaxed me took away alot of the stress i was going through (hang on a minute) i am off to pour a glass now, MMM should i have red or white, Back in a Mo!! decided on red. Go for it there is enough do’s and don’t with this Sh***ty disease. As well as taking your blood count before each chemo they should do your liver function test, if that is okay, i don’t see you have much to worry about.

cheers (pardon the pun) x

Thanks all, never had a liver function test before my original chemo - what does that involve. Its just that my white blood count (think that’s what it is) on day 10, today is slightly lower than they would like but Im hoping that its on the up as Im feeling good compared to recently!

Think it mite be a few glasses of the white stuff - thanks for the replies & have a nice weekend all
Lisa (off for a quick power nap before the enjoyment commences).

hi lisa
i posted a few weeks ago about this, i have always enjoyed a drink, not every night but most nights, not much but a couple after work, and boy did i beat myself up over it when i was diagnosed !!! then i did really drink quite a bit when i was stressed and trying to deal with things , when i was on chemo i didnt really feel like a drink and didnt drink a lot , now i am on the up gon through chemo , rads and now herceptin i discussed this with my doctor and he says so many women are made to feel guilty about havin a drink and we have enough sh** to deal with but be responsible, this will probably spark a bit of a debate !! but i enjoy a drink and i am not going to feel guilty anymore !!
galen x

Thanks Galen
You talk sense to me! Im just a social drinker or a nice glass when having tea or making it for others! I beat myself up when DX to but then started back on to help me sleep and deal with all the crap! My oncologist was disgusted when I said what I drank (lied to!!!) but not I think well, Keep off during the week, chemo week and the what the … should enjoy it while I feel good!

Well its 3.30am and Ive had a lovely bottle of wine with friends and Im sure glad I did, enjoyed it, enjoyed the crack, felt human an even had a styling session for the wig and feel much better. Off to have lots of glasses of water to ensure no fuzzy head tomorrow

Glad you had a great evening with your friends. So important to have fun times, and forget just for a while all the c…p. I enjoy my glass of wine as well, went off it for the first few days after each chemo. On antibiotics for a breast infection at the moment, and supper just not the same without a nice glass of vino! Hope you wake up fuzzy head free! Sarah xx

When I was due my chemo last year a friend of a friend asked if I would be able to have alcohol on chemo . My friend answered that knowing Liz it will be the first question she would ask !! Not that I’m an alcoholic but enjoy glass of wine, g &t.

My dad had to make the comment that breast cancer has been linked to alcohol but I ignored him. I did drink more before BC and on chemo weeks it tastes awful and never tasted great the following weeks but I had a glass or two if I was out. I now enjoy a glass but don’t drink as much and going on a diet tomorrow (!) as put nearly 2 stone on with chemo so will try not to have any for a couple of weeks to kick start the diet. Having said that I think I’m out next Friday !!! Ah well

Liz xx

Hi all
No fuzzy head and having a chilled glass now as wait for tea. Thinking if I only have it two weekenss out of three and at weekends only thats a huge cut down and think they link everything to cancer, I see something different nearly every day!

Enjoy the diet and the diet drinks next friday then Liz X

Sarah - hope the chest infection goes and you get a chilled glass with your tea

A small glass of fizzy white wine (Cava) or champagne on the day of chemo not only tasted nice but seemed to keep the sick feeling away. I ended up giving most of the anti-sickness steroids back to the hospital.

Other people have found this effect too.

Best wishes,


Lisa - diet drinks ??? ha ! Cool bottle of white sounds good ! xx