Feel frustrated and concerned

I hope it is ok to post and gather some feedback.


I am struggling with the amount of waiting I have had and the confusion of what is actually going on.


So over a month ago I saw my GP regarding symptoms effecting one breast. On examination they found a lump and refered me to the Breast clininc. I was seen quite soon. At the appointment I was examined and then sent for an ultrasound, which also included a FNA. I went back to the breast clinic where I was told I had fibroadenoma, that I would not need to be seen again unless my FNA results needed to be discussed. Other than that my results would be sent to me.


About a week later I got a letter stating how my appointment went and their findings. It was dated the day after my appointment.


So I waited the 2 weeks to get my results and nothing came. I then got a letter for an appointment at the breast clinic which was 5 weeks after my intial appointment. So that confused me. After being told I wont need to be seen again to now having another appointment. Not long after that I got another letter stating I need to have a mammogram, a week before my appointment at the breast clinic.


This waitng is driving me crazy. I don’t feel great and feel like I have been messed around. I mean if I were to go to my next appointment to be told the same thing I was told at the initial appointment wouldn’t that be a waste of appointment.


Obviously I am concerned about what is going on. I know I won’t recieve any results in the post. But why was I told that to begin with. I cannot describe how long these total of 5 weeks will be in the end.


Does this waiting time happen normally? Also I am not sure why I would need a mammogram after I had already had the ultrasound?

Hi smile,
Sorry to hear you’re having an anxious time with all this prolonged waiting.
I don’t really have a view on this, other than it could be they are just being thorough in calling you for a mammogram as well. It could be the FNA was inconclusive. I remember being told at the breast clinic that they will always get to the bottom of what any breast changes are & that sometimes some tests have to be repeated. Mostly, its nothing serious.
Others have reported on here some issues with going to & fro over investigations.
Is it worth contacting the breast clinic or your gp about it? or just letting it play out?
Do hope this is resolved for you soon, it may also be an idea to post in the ‘ask our nurses’ section or call the helpline above if you feel you need to talk it through.
Let us know how you get on.
ann x