Feel like an idiot

So after having multiple mammograms, ultrasounds a core biopsy and needle biopsy last Friday I went back today for a stereotactic mammo biopsy. All was going well until she started to inject the anaesthetic and then I began to feel a little hot and light headed. Things then went bad to worse and I almost fainted :frowning:
They then had to stop the procedure and ive to go back next Tuesday.
I’m so annoyed with myself as now pushed back another week.
Any tips to avoid this happening again?

Could it be you were having a reaction to the type of anesthetic they were using? Do you know if you’ve had that particular one before?
Just a thought…

Don’t beat yourself up, whatever the cause, it’s not your fault. It could happen to anyone.
Is it possible to ring and ask before Tuesday?
Big hug

Hi. I’m glad it was better this time. I really hope the results are good news.

Let us know.
Best wishes.

Good luck with your results Loubs.Let us know how you get on.

That’s good news. I’m happy for you. I hope the microcalcifications come back OK too. Do you know when they will confirm? Let us know how it goes.

I’ve got my pre op on 21st Dec, so a bit of progress.

OK. Best wishes and thanks.

Yes will disappear soon .

Happens on a regular basis unfortunately ,but will be removed .Some are a lot more malicious than others .

Haven’t had someone claiming to be the son of God for a while …

Shouldn’t tempt fate …?

thank goodness we have some sharp eyed ladies to sort them out though xxx