Feel so anxious help!

It’s my appointment tomorrow and even though the doctor has told me she is not worried, I am petrafied they will find something. Do GP’s usually have a good idea whats to be worried about and whats not. (I know they can’t always get it right, and nothing is guaranteed). I guess I just want some reassurance.



Hi Jules

Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. As we know many lumps are not cancer and some are. Its very hard to reassure when no matter what your mind is doing all the worrying. Easier said than done but pls try not to imagine the worst.

I know many women who are too frightened to even examine themsleves in case they find a lump !!! Of course its frightening but rather it be found then left. !!

Think positive I know you are having a hard time but try.

Best wishes


hi Jules

You are right, doctors can never get things 100% accurate BUT

If your doctor (OR the specialist you are referred to) has ANY concern about you they will not tell you that they are not worried. That would give you, the patient, false hope and make them, the expert, look incompetent if the results of your biopsy or whatever tests you’re having did prove to be bad news.

Unfortunately waiting is the worst thing in the world and there is not a lot you can do unless you can find ways to keep yourself occupied so that the time passes quickly until you’ve had your results. What you have to tell yourself is that you are taking control of yourself - I have a friend who is a nurse and she said that if a person has any concerns about their health, whether or not they choose to have themselves properly checked out does not change the diagnosis but it DOES make a difference to whether they can be effectively treated or not, ie the sooner you get something checked the sooner you can have a diagnosis and know what your options are.

Chances are you will be fine but if the worst comes to the worst rest assured that the sooner something is diagnosed the better the chances you have.

good luck

Thanks ladies, I feel like pacing the room at the moment. But I will try and be positive. I am lucky that due to a clerical error I am being seen quicker than I should have been so hopefully all the worrying will be over by tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed.

I don’t know your background but I assume you have found a lump and want it properly checked out, in which case the specialist will probably do an ultrasound (painless) possibly a mammogram (like having your tit jammed in a photocopier but they try and be quick) and they will most likely take some fluid with a syringe and/or take some tissue as a biopsy, both these procedures are a teeny bit painful but again they make it quick. You may have to wait for lab results. All I can recommend to ease the frustration of being on tenterhooks is be nice to yourself. Plan to do something really nice tomorrow evening and if you do have results to wait for, organise as many of your favourite passtimes with your favourite people so you’re not sitting at home fretting. It is impossible not to fret but you know what I mean xxx

Hi there Clarabel. My lump like thing, was discovered by the emdocs two weeks ago today. The doctor there examined me and said she could feel something. I had felt something but my own GP had said it was nothing, but I wasn’t happy and went to get a second opinion. My GP referred me and did agree there is something there, but not so much as a lump but a worm like thing. SHe said she is not worried but wants to refer me to be on the safe side.

My mum was dx with breast cancer on the 7th of March this year, that is why I was on the site in the first place getting advice and support about her as I am very close to my mum and was devastated by her dx. My daughter also has depression and is under the doctor so it really was the final straw for me finding this out, but I am trying to remain positive.


Oh well counting down the hours to my appointment, trying to be calm but feeling anxious.

Just been talking to my mum on the phone, she is so amazing she copes with cancer as if its a cold. I don’t know where she gets her strength from.

Sorry to ramble but coming on here helps at times.

Hi there Jules!
haven’t been on your thread nor caught up with you on any of the others recently, but I have been thinking about you loads.

I was supposed to be going for my ‘final treatment plan’ tomorow, but the MRI I had on Friday last has shown another ‘very suspicious and worrying’ area nearer to my chest wall that the original DCIS, which was to be removed by skin sparing mastectomy. So hey ho, another biopsy (looking for invasive cancer) tomorrow prior to consultant appointment in the pm. Looks like I’m going to loose this breast altogether - but hey - small price to pay for life.

Your wormy thing sounds to be just that - a worm created by cording. There’s a leaflet about that somewhere on this site - under benign breast conditions I think. Take a look - may make your night happier and more relaxing!

We can think of each other tomorrow and catch up later!
Big Love, Td x

Hi there

I must admit wondered where you had been as not seen you for ages! I am so sorry to hear that things are not going to plan and that you might have to have a masectomy. It does make my worries seem rather pathetic. Will you get the biopsy and results on the same day sweetie?

I will be thinking about you, what time is your appointment, mine is 1.50. Please come back and let me know tomorrow how you get on.

J xxxx

ps I will try and find out about the cording, how would I go about finding the information on the site.

I also go tomorrow,but am feeling really postive tonight.
Dont know if i feel the same tomorrow,have read all your posts Jules and am really wishing you the best for tomorrow.
I feel whatever the outcome we could not of found a better group of gals to share the experience with.
whatever the outcomes (that seems so easy to say) we will have the support.
Sorry waffling now.
GOOD LUCK (does that sound pathic)
Lov to you all

good luck tomorrow tracey, I will be thinking about you when I am at the clinic. Lets hope we can come on here tomorrow night and have a clarkey and Jules postive news thread!