Feel sooooooo boney

girls, I’ve had my recon 4 wks ago. I feel so boney on my back, my shoulder blade feels like it will come through my skin - feels bruised. Will this improve and go soft again like the other side of my back or is this it? Also, can anyone give me their opinion of nipple recon - surgeon wants to do this in few months time and I think I do want it done - not looking forward to having to walk in and out of theatre though - funny how little things bother you isnt it .

Vez xx

Hi Vez - I feel boney too - Mx & Ld flap recon at same time. funny thugh, because I’m NOT boney… I think it’s the numb feeling… I’m leaving the nipple thing until after the chemo etc…
Td xx


I am nearly 6 months post mast & LD recon. My back still feels hard in places and I am tender still at drain sites. My physio has said expect things to change and settle up to 2 years. Its a big op after all! Im having my other side done in a few weeks and I cant wait to have my nipples done later in the year. The finishing touch so to speak.

I know what you mean about walking into theatre, it is a strange feeling. Don’t look back.

Jackie x

Hi Vezza,

I am nearly four months post bilateral nipple recon and am over the moon with the results, I must admit I did have a general as the surgeon also took away the “dog ears” under both arms. I am just now looking forward to having the tatoo as the finishing touch.

Take Care