feeling a bit scared :(

Hi I am new to this forum…im 29 and have 3 boys 7 5 3. I have had trouble with my right breast which started about 4 years ago, I was getting blood discharge from it ( seemed only from one duct ) anyway I was reffered to the breast clinic and they examined the breast and tested the discharge which tested positive for blood. (sometimes discharge was bright red blood at others watery and bloodstained but each time checked contained blood) I also had ultrasound and they said it showed nothing sinister just have lumpy breasts, I was meant to go back to another appointment like in a months time to check if the discharge still contained blood, but I missed the apointment as one of my boys was ill. The discharge continued but was mainly clear but sometimes like a bit more like a straw colour. I just ended up forgetting about it and I had my 3rd child and just living with the discharge. Anyway 3 weeks ago I suddenly started getting bright red blood again so went back to gp, and being reffered to the breast clinic. When they saw me the other day, they examined the breast again and this time ( and I have at home) can feel a couple of lumps behind my nipple, not massive but they are there. The lady (consultant nurse I thinks she said she was) has booked me in for another ultrasound, and has said that if in the ultrasound thet can see the lumps properly then they will take a biopsy, if not then they will take cells with a needle and check that way, and she mentioned about having the ducts removed but would affect breastfeeding and sensation in the area. I am worrying myself silly over this I cant stop thinking about it and its driving me crazy. I wonder if anyone has had similar symptoms to me and can offer some reassurance, I keep telling myself that it will be fine but I cant stop worrying either :frowning: sorry for the long waffle. Helen

Hi Helen, I’m sorry I don’t share the same symptons as you, but I’m sure someone will come along and answers your questions.
The waiting is the worst, and if your read some other threads you will see that we all found it really difficult to deal with. Try not to google your symptoms (although its very hard not too), hopefully you will not have to wait too long for your ultrasound, take care Donna xxx

Hi Helen

I don’t share your symptoms either, but there may be others along who did. There are lots of things that get referred to the breast clinic that AREN’T cancer, so while it’s silly of me to say “don’t worry”, the numbers are on your side.

If you have a biopsy it may be uncomfortable but they give you local anaesthetic which is the worst bit. But even then it’s not as bad as anaesthetic at the dentist. The worst bit of the whole thing is the waiting and worrying, and we all know what THAT’S like, so you have our sympathies.

Well done for getting it checked out, and good luck for the right results.


thanks the ultrasound is on Wednesday so not too long now, the waiting seems to take forever though,and will ahve biopsy at the same time if the lump/s can be cleary seen, if not then will have sample taken with needle ( not sure how this is done ) I presume and hope they would do this at the same time as ultrasound so dont have to wait for another appointment.


I would think that you will have all the tests at the same time. Like Choccie says, you won’t feel anything at the time but be aware that it will be quite sore around that area for quite a while, i had mine in Nov and still get a bit of discomfort now - nothing to worry about, it makes sense, but forewarned is forearmed.

best of luck, the waiting is the worst.


I was advised not to take ibuprofen or aspirin as a painkiller as that can thin the blood a bit, but paracetamol is fine.

If a fine needle aspiration (FNA) you probably won’t need a local anaesthetic. If you’ve ever had dental anaesthetic, local anaesthetic in the breast is LESS painful than that, and FNA is much less painful than that too, as the needle is really really thin, although it’s rather long so can look rather alarming! Much less painful than a wasp sting, so try to relax when it’s happening and you’ll be fine. Core biopsy requires a much thicker sample so a local anaesthetic is necessary for that, but once the anaesthetic takes effect you shouldn’t feel A THING. Might need paracetamol for a day or so afterwards once it wears off though, and you might get some aches and VERY impressive bruising afterwards.

All of what I’ve written is a “just in case”, you might not need any of the above, and even if you do please don’t read anything into it. I had a second core biopsy after an MRI and the second one turned out to be absolutely nothing to worry about.

Keep using the forums if you find it helps. The waiting is totally horrible but we all understand as we’ve all sat in The Waiting Room ourselves.



hi all went for ultrasound today and have been left feeling confused. They didnt do biopsy or needle aspiration, but a small lump was seen on the ultrasound? Well the words the consultant used was, there is a small thing there but its unlikely to be anything sinister, you have age on your side. The thing is i can feel 2 small lumps and the first ultrasound i had a couple of years ago it didnt show the lump that was seen today so it is new. I just dont know whether to be worried or not. I am just really confused now :frowning:

I dont know am i being silly. I just feel like it should still be investigated properly as just because i am young doesnt mean that it couldnt be anything sinister age, i still have to go back but not sure when. Also in past few days have had pain started which is new but the discharge seems to have settled more now, not really getting any discharge at all not even bloody. Also if there is a history of breast cancer in the family should they not be more thorough anyway? If i am being stupid please tell me so i can stop worrying. Sorry x

Did they give you any indication when you would need to come back? If you’re not sure, give the clinic a ring tomorrow and ask, and let them know that you’re still very worried and didn’t quite take in everything that was said so could they please let you speak to the consultant again, or whoever it was that you were in with.

When I was at the clinic there was also a breast care nurse in the room with me, so you might be able to speak to her and get her to explain a bit more clearly what actually happened. Give it a try, and I hope you get some sleep tonight.


no he didnt say, I will phone the clinic tomorrow as couldnt get through today, and speak with the consultant nurse who I originally saw if I can…I phoned the helpline number today and that gave me a bit more reassurance, the lady was really informative, which has helped from the time being, and hopefully it wont be too long before I go back.
Thanks Helen

Keep calling and making a fuss until you are satisfied with the answers you get, unless you do you will be always worrying about it.