feeling a bit unsteady and woozy

The last two or three weeks I’ve been feeling a bit out of things…not head spinning but a general unsteadiness and light headed feeling.I don’t really notice it when I’m inside on my own but I do when I’m talking to others or outside in busy places.I feel like I did during chemo, like I need to hold onto someone for balance.Its a slightly drunk feeling and I feel like I need to close my eyes.I’m through treatment although on anastroxole.I’m not sleeping well at the moment and recently started back working and some days feel very slow and fatigued even if I haven’t worked.Other days energy levels are better.My blood pressure is good-i know I don’t drink enough so do you think it’s likely to be dehydration or fatigue…or both:)Does anyone else get this?

How long have you been on the Anastrozole ?It can be a side effect. It may be completely unrelated though .I get similar but it is an inner ear thing (labyrinthitis ) originally triggered by a virus I get it when I’m run down /over tired .Worth getting it checked out .