Feeling a bit weepy today

I had surgery on Thursday & all went well just waiting for results. Haven’t been in pain & have been quite upbeat but today I feel a bit low & weepy but am trying to hide it from family & friends. It’s made a bit more difficult as I’m a carer for my husband & as I can’t do too much at the moment we are having to have carers come into the home. They are all really lovely but talk between themselves & are making me feel a bit like an outsider in my own home. I know I’m probably just being ultra sensitive at the moment but would love a few encouraging words from others going through this xx

It’s normal Anita. I was the same following my lumpectomy. You will be up and down and I found a good cry helped. I had a skin sparing mastecomy on Wed and I feel good at moment but know I will get some bad days. Big hugs. Waiting for results is the hard bit . X

I know exactly how you feel Anita as we’ve had to rely on carers for my severely disabled 23 year old son. You’re not only going through this nightmare but also having to accept outside help. I know I couldn’t do without them but I’m used to being in control and making all the decisions. It does get easier, I’m four weeks down the line now and still not allowed to help as I have delayed wound healing but I have accepted it’s only short term. Xx