Feeling anxious

Hi I haven’t posted on here for a while but I read the posts for support. Hoping someone can help my anxiety - I am just about to have my last cycle of chemo then I will stay on Herceptin and Perttuzumab but I feel so anxious and bit teary that its finishing and I know I should be feeling happy but I’m scared it will all go ‘down hill’ from here that the tumours will spread/ start to grow again (the one I my breast is now not detectable but still have small node and liver involvement although they’ve shrunk significantly) is anyone else just on Herceptin and Pertuzumab and doing well? thank you all.

You are NOT alone!!  I sobbed through my last chemo - was devastated that it was finishing and “what if”!!  I think that’s a very normal feeling.  I have been done chemo for 2 months now and LOVE not feeling chemoish!!  I was on Triptorelin but had a bad reaction to it - so am feeling the effects of that but everyday gets better.  I have been on Herceptin since January and I have NO side effects.  I do find when I go to the chemo ward I am very emotional there.  Some things to look forward to:  hair grown and shaving your legs again lol!  One thing I am finding with managing my anxiety about it not being truly gone or coming back (this is my second bout) is seeing my Naturopath.  I feel like I am actively doing something to prevent it from coming back and my anxiety has lessened.  Good luck!!