Feeling Bad Again

Feeling Bad Again

Feeling Bad Again Hi All

It’s me moaning again - have done nothing but cry all week. My Gp and Breast Care nurse seem to think that 18 months down the line with a good prognosis I sould not be feeling like this and are quite worried about me.

It’s not only living with the fear of the thing coming back its the ANGER at what it had done to me physically and mentally. Also the resentment that when I shoul d be enjoying life in my early 40’s I am dealing with this.

Does anybody know people who are years down the line from dx and living a normal happy life ?? I just can’t see it but want to hope it can happen.

Sorry for moaning.

Love Alise

No need to apologise for moaning Dear Alise

You’re not moaning and you’re not alone. I’m 15 months post-treatment and still find myself crying. I was quite shocked when this started to happen, because everyone around me assumed I would snap back into my usual cheerful self - the “anniversary” time was very bad, like some horrible birthday. I too am still having to deal with anger and resentment that bubbles up and then dies away again.

I haven’t voiced this to my GP, I don’t want to be labelled a depressed or anxious person. It is slowly, very slowly, improving - a few days ago I suddenly thought that once I manage to integrate the whole cancer experience and make it part of my narrative, I can then probably move on.

Writing about your feelings here and reaching out to others may be part of your way of integrating these events. Maybe you can allow yourself this time and not judge yourself.


Dear Alise I am sorry to read that you are feeling this way at the moment. You may find it helpful to contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000 for support and also for information about our other support services which may be of interest to you. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

One example is our ‘Peer support’ service whereby you can be put in touch with someone, by telephone, who may have had a similar experience to you and who is trained to offer support and a ‘listening ear’ . You can read more about this and our other services via the front page of the website under the ‘Support for you’ tab too.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

I so know what you are going through… I am at that stage too and to be honest, thought I was the only one.

I cant believe things have hit me now when I did so well through all the treatment and everything.

If you need to “talk” I will here. We can get through this.

Take care.