feeling better

Hi everyone

Just to let you all know that I am feeling much better after the weekend. After nearly 5 years of this you know that after a couple of days you feel much better. I now believe that my life is in God’s hands and I have to trust him. I will have my moment of fear and panic I’m not that perfect but all in all things are looking better.

I will keep in touch as I have a CT scan next Thursday and that will tell me whats going on in the rest of my body.

Love Cheryl

Hi Cheryl,

Just like to wish you well with your next scan.

You are right. We are given really bad news and then need a little misery time to adjust to the new stage. I am glad you are feeling better and that you obviously had a good weekend.

Take care,



Glad you feel better…I am happy for you that you feel like this- I am trying to do the same myself (just as you say I am not perfect either to day the least)…

lots of love


Hi Cheryl

Really pleased you’re having a better day. The human spirit is extraordinary…it is possible to plummet the depths and then again to smile. Don’t be hard on yourself…there’s no moral high ground in feeling cheery all the time. Cancer is the pits and inevitably I think we all visit the pits as well as the brighter places.

very best wishes


panic and misery today - got to change chemo to Docetaxel as Epirubicin is not work well.

tears and misery.

my Grandma has sent a message that she is trying to uplift me - as she would have tired on earth. I think Grandad must have been around too as there was forklift in the message!

oh help and heck new chemo tomorrow.


Best of luck with next round, Gill.


Gill -sending you lots of good wishes for next chemotherapy, taxotere is very effective.

Gill, good luck for next chemo, i have one more fec then onto Docetaxel for three, you can let me know how you get on. I am nervous about my chemo changing, dont know what to expect.Big hugs xxx

Glad you are feeling better Cheryl. Good luck with the CT scan - let us know how you get on.

And good luck too, Gill, with the taxotere.

Kay x

Cheryl, Just read your other thread, I have been away for a few days, my heart goes out to you as well, I have 2 teenage children, one doing A levels and choosing universities and I so don’t want to say to him when he is looking at sonwhere further afield , what if something happens to me. My daughter is 14 and has started her GCSE courses and I have no idea whether I will see her get to university. My oncologist says that there are more chemos but I am currently on my 3rd , Xeloda, my markers have come down a bit but have a scan soon to see what is happening. It is such an uncertain place to be in.
You should press for another opinion as others have said, I will ask for a referral to the Marsden if the next scan shows the Xeloda not working as lots of people seem to have combinations.
Good Luck with your scan, will look out for your posts
Best Wishes


so far Docetaxol not so ‘chemically’ for me. I feel better today than on day 3 before - fingers crossed. I was nervous of changing and cutting off an option for later , but registrar said by the time I need another there will be a new one. So pusked n in confidence!!!

good luck