Feeling down,my Diep has gone wrong..

Hello all,well after having BC 13 yrs ago also 2nd lot 2 years ago I was amazed and excited to be told I could have a Diep.Im now on my 4th week after the op…my new breast has swelled into a balloon and my flat tummy is filled with fluid (seroma) which needs draining every 2 days at the mo.Ive been told that this is such bad luck as 95% of Diep ladies are without complications.I can hardly face looking at my body so having a shower is a nightmare,my dream didnt come true.I was as brave as I could be,and so excited that I would be a real woman again Now Im walking around with the swooh of fluid on my tummy and amassive alien object protruding from my chest waiting to explode.Im so sorry for writing this,but when my fellow Diep pals who had theirs at the same time are now proudly showing all their family & husbands their amazing new bodies Im hiding mine even from myself.Im only a tiny blip,the one you never imagine would be you when you see pics of the ops that go wrong.Its not my PS s fault they say ,its my body not healing as expected.Maybe theres another blip lady reading this- if so let me know whats next.Well done to Sofadoc.twinmummy,carols how went thru this op and came out triumphant.Take care Debs

I’m so sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems post op. I’m sending you loads of cyber hugs.
What are they doing about it?

Take lots of care,


Hi Debs

I am so glad you haver shared your experience, as it is yet another reminder of how none of us know just what is around the next corner.

I lost my LD resconstruction due to a recurrence, which was equally devasting and I am booked to have a tram/diep on the 18th Dec. Like you were, I am very excited, but at the same time must take on board that this is a huge op with no guarantees.

I really pray that your swelling(s) will drain quckly and eventually settle… All is not lost until there are no options…

Love n hope NIkki xx

Hi Debs

You must be devasted, all that expectation and hype to then feel like this.

A few weeks ago somebody posted this link breastreconstructionforlife.org.uk/. I ordered the DVD, its very informative and gives several personal experiences of reconstruction, the good and the bad. One lady did a video diary and seemed to have several painful, ongoing issues after the op, when listening to her I wondered how on earth she coped, it sounded horrendous. Now several months down the line she recongises the problems she had but has no regrets, she feels absolutly fine now and is very proud of her body.

I hope this helps.


Hello Debs

I feel for you, I really do. My LD flap has gone wrong and wasn’t good to start with after all the bloody waiting. I think it is good that we hear about the downs as well as the ups with regards to reconstructive surgery. A chum of mine recently remarked about the likelihood of a dog’s dinner in contrast to a wedding feast - how very true for some of us.

I will be writing again on this topic soon. I hope you get “sorted” and that everything comes right in the end, it is the least you deserve.

Best wishes

Oh Debs I’m so sorry you’re having a crappy time. I’m lucky arent I, three weeks on and all is well. I hope you get this all sorted out and can look back with a phew…
Thinking of you xxx Vanessa

Hi Debs - also really sorry to hear about the problems you’re having, especially after being so excited at the prospect of a new boob at last. I really do hope they are able to do something about it and that things improve. I haven’t any problems in the tummy area, but my new boob is certainly bigger and does feel like a rock. Hoping this settles and have been told it can be liposuctioned later on if still obviously bigger - have they mentioned if this is a possibility for you.

Thinking of you loads

Hi Debs -very sorry to hear that hope they have something up their sleeve to sort you out?
I had a DIEP just under 5weeks ago following a failed LD 6 years ago my old reconstructive boob was never right and had been badly affected by the radio after the chemo.I had an implant exchange last year but that didn’t work.This was a big decision for me as I had 2 choices either have it removed or a DIEP or Tram.I made up my mind but coming around from op I di wonder! however it looked amazing and the pain had gone from the rock hard implant! But last week I noticed a ridge on the top of the reconstructed breast.Managed to see the consultant and he said it is scar tissue and the radiotherpy problem back! couldn’t bel;ieve it! he said to massage it and hopefully it will drop down and stretch out.But if not they could tweek it another little op next year,really fed up as cannot wear alot of tops as it looks unsightly.All I wanted was to look normal!
BC goes on reaping rubbish doesn’t it? hope you are okay Take Care Love Amanda xx

Hi Debs. Really sorry things not going so well. I do remember having some fluid,so my tummy was puffy, but it didn’t need drained, and my breasts also were quite hard and swollen for a while. Maybe it’s just your body taking a little longer to heal? Hope all will settle down and be fine in time.