Feeling good really helps get through the day.

Hi ladies I wanted to share a discovery that’s made me feel good. A friend gave me a sample of some body cream recently and I put it to one side as I hadn’t had any aches which it was meant for. In the last few days I’ve felt achy and my old bit of breast lymphedema has returned. So I tried the cream on my legs and under my breast! I thought what harm could it do? Amazing relief. It’s cool, completely natural and gives so much relief.  It’s called AAAHHH from temple spar. I feel so much better. Worth a try templespa.com/ruthleggatt

As I said at the onset I am not very techno & although I can do some things at other times I end up on the wrong track. ! I really enjoyed this morning’s  video but kept getting very frustrated  when reference was made to the effect " you will have had this discussed with you post op ", I found that as I have so many musco-skeleral problems  no one gave me any real help with even basic exercises  ( it may have been due to my physical limitations  ) so when there was a discussion about leaflets you would have been given my response was to the effect that I was not given these. I am going through  a constant pain cycle  as I suffer from POTS syndrome & had one of my spectacular falls roughly 6 weeks ago & my foot turned under me. I was sent for x-ray  & as I am an ex-radiographer I was involved in the discussion  of the films. Although no breaks I had snapped each ligament where your toes are attached to your metatarsals & I am still in a deal of pain but it has also started my back pain & I thought if I could get copies of these leaflets I could try some gentle exercises while I wait for my physio to commence. Can you please post these to me - many thanks Joan x