Feeling guilty, rads and easter holidays.

I have just had a phone call to say that my planning scan will be next friday (16.03) and that my treatment will start on the 2nd April. My problem is I have 2 children (dd 8 & ds 6) and this will mean I will be starting rads while they are on holiday from school. I am going to be having rads every day so we will not be able to do any full days out and I will have to find childcare for while I am at the hospital. I feel really guilty about messing up their holiday as they have both been so good all through this nightmare. I had chemo before surgery which finished on 23rd december, so we had a very much stay at home xmas holiday. I had surgery (WLE) on 26th January so I want to get on with my rads as it is the last part of my treatment but I feel I should delay so I can have fun with my children during the school holidays. I am sorry this is so rambling, I am usually a very decisive and in control person but at the moment I just feel so lost. Any advice, pearls of wisdom, magic wands etc would be gratefully accepted.

Thanks, Jen x


Could you compromise and delay until the second week of the holidays so that you can go out in the first week? Or maybe just plan really nice things to do at the weekends?

I hadn’t thought of postponing to the second week, thanks for the suggestion Lakeslover. My son actually has three weeks off so he would still have 2 weeks of being dropped off somewhere while I go to the hospital.

I think I am just thrown because I was sure they wouldn’t start my treatment until after easter. I only met the consultant on Tuesday and I did say I assumed the rads wouldn’t start until after easter and he agreed that was probably the case.

I am just really fed up with every single thing in my life being affected by BC. I was looking forward to having some fun with the children during the holidays as my energy levels are getting back to normal after the chemo.

Certainly worth contacting the onc/radiotherapy dept to ask if you could defer for a week or two. I am waiting to start rads on 23 March so will also go over the Easter holidays but my surgery was in December so it’s already been quite a long delay.

Moya xx

I delayedj my rads for four weeks. I told my onc I needed the time off after chemo. The radiologist, told me that holiday would do me good and to go. Just be open, they will understand. They can work around you. There is nothing to worry about. Remember the medical team is there to help not create more stress.
Give it a go.

I had mine all through last year’s summer holster. My kids are older than yours burt it was still a real disappointment. If you want to take them out of school maybe 3 weeks after last rads . School would prob be very accommodating and understanding . and would prob give permission.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have decided to think about it next week, hubby and I are off for a weekend away tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to think more clearly next week.

ChoccieMuffin, I had to laugh at your suggestion of taking them out of school - I am sure the school would be fine but my daughter would not allow it as she wouldn’t get her 100% attendance badge! She is already upset that she won’t get one this term as she got sent home ill and missed one afternoon.

Jen x