Feeling guilty to say, but i had good news today!


I feel immensely guilty after reading Sophies post whos not had great results (and i send my regards to her), but equally feel i want to share my good news!

I got my results of my ct scan today, and am very pleased as my lung tumours as shrinking!! and spine one healing well, and no further spread!! how happy am i!!!

Rachel :slight_smile:

Hello Rachel

Thats good news!!!Its good to share that too.I had the results of my repeat bonescan and the suspicious spots in the right hip and left shoulder blade were cleared…and a small one on my left anlke has nothing to be concerned about.currently having chemo,so maybe it is being dealt with but for now GOOD RESULTS.


Thats really good news long may it continue

Hi Rachel

Glad you shared you good news with us - please don’t feel guilty, unfortunately with this awful disease there will always be good and bad ‘stories’. Has this come about through chemo? I had good midway point scans for a new/reoccurrence lump in my breast and 2ndaries in my hip which is what I’m having chemo for at the moment. Lump shrunk 50-60% and healing in hip so well chuffed that I’m not feeling sick as a dog for nothing!

Nicky x

Keep the good news coming - we can always hear good news!!

Hi all

Thanks for your lovely comments. :slight_smile: with regards to treatment - i have only had arimedex and ibandronate (one rad to my spine) but thats it. I also take caractol and zeolite and vitamins from health creation (in bath) and have acupuncture once or twice a month and also reiki every week. costs a fortune and it is hurting now, but then the results are good so i am pleased!!! :slight_smile:

R :slight_smile:

It’s lovely to hear good news. It’s good to keep reminding ourselves that this disease doesn’t always go downhill. Congratulations.



Zippy, great news girlie!! It’s always good to hear someone’s doing well. When the hospital give me good news, I come out grinning like a Cheshire cat and always do a little jig in the doorway. And the age of me, hehehe.

Sorry to hear about your problems with partner’s daughter. At 19, couldn’t she leave and lead an independent life??

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Great news…always nice to hear…I had a lovely l-o-n-g spell with Arimidex…hope you do too.

Great news and don’t feel guilty I know that is easier said than done, but we all want to hear some positives it gives us all a little hope.

Beli x

It is always lovely to log on and read good news may it long continue.

Love Debsxxx

Yay! That’s fab news. I hope the treatment continues to reduce your mets.

What’s caractol, by the way?


I think it could be carctol, I did it for 2 years and really helped thinking of taking it again you have to have a very strct diet if it is carctol.

Love Debsxxx

Really pleased to hear your good news Zippy, it does cheer us all up

Ruby xx

Hi Zippy

Yes indeed - good news always very welcome. I am so pleased for you.



Thanks, Debs. Just googled it and am relieved to see it’s Ayurvedic. I’m assuming the strict diet has something to do with the Ayurvedic principles then? I will check it out for when my chemo is finished.



Dont feel guilty about sharing good news… like others have said… there will always be good news and bad news with this disease.

Its great news that your lung tumours are shrinking… so you celebrate!

long may it continue