Strange situation but I don’t personally know anyone else with cancer so its very isolating. Can anyone relate with this to me ?

Does anyone live in the Windsor Berkshire area

Hi Melody
I felt like you do when I was first diagnosed, I was so frustrated that there were no groups to meet up with locally or at the hospital where I was being treated.
Thats where this site became really helpful.
People on here do seem to get together and arrange ‘meet ups’ but Scotland and Liverpool seem to be the popular places. Perhaps you could start one?
Have you seen the thread 'Where do you come from? ’ I’ve posted the link.
You live in a lovely area, I’ve walked the Thames path through Windsor but live on the other side of London.


All the best
M x

Hi Magsi

thank you for your reply - I only really discovered this site this morning. its really
great. I noticed that immediately that there appears to be more ‘meets’ up north
and will visit the link you posted.

Thank you again

M x

Hi Melody
As you have only just discovered the bcc site ‘welcome’
Sorry that you have to be here but you will find it a friendly place.
Theres lots of info and help around, there are people who are where you are at now and people who are ahead of you in terms of treatment which can be a real help.
There is always someone who is able to answer any question you may have and certainly someone who is able to relate to what you may be feeling.

Where are you up to in terms of treatment? are you at the waiting stage or have you got a treament plan?

M x

well Magsi reading some of the messages and degrees of suffering and intense
treatment I seem to be at the moment anyway fairly ok. I am only on a hormone treatment which fortunately my breast and bone cancer rapidly responded to and it is now ‘under management’ I could barely walk and felt I would not last until
last Christmas but here I am - its just unfortunatel that I had to retire and now find life very lonely and depressing as I have no family nearby but am hoping to move soon which will enable me to socialise more.

Yes its a very different world when you get bc isn’t it.
After the initial diagnosis, the worry and the various treatments you sometimes wonder if life will ever be the same again. Its certainly a major disruption to what was 'normal ’ life.
Where are you hoping to move to? will it be nearer to family?

Hi Melody I dont live in your area but this site is a definite cure for isolation.Do tell us a bit more about yourself.Love Vxx

No unfortunately. no able bodied family this end of the country. I live in a high rise tower block - I was a ‘victim’ of the last recession. I sold my house at a loss of £30 lived in lodgings as I worked nearby and after four years was allocated this flat.
but its isolating when you have no or little contact with anyone outside so I am waiting to move to sheltered accom. where
there is a social coffee lounge and more opportunity to sit in the private gardens and meet people on a daily basis. I am a
very sociable chatty person (not to everyones liking !!!) and I missing people. Most of my close colleagues have now been made redundant and moved on with their own lives. whilst I just feel just jam stuck where I am - which is where I don’t want to be !!!

Thank you for your message Magsi

May I ask how old you are?When was your dx and what treatment are you on?not nosey just interested.Vx

I am aged 60 to 70 yrs two years ago and FEMARA

I am 64 was also dx 2 years ago,had WLE.chemo and rads as was triple neg.Did you mention bone involvement too?

yes, I had rad but no chemo. also for the bone cancer. I have no pain now.
I will know on tues my latest CA 15 reading. which was scarily high at start of treatment 3,000 but is now under 200. I always say to my oncologist - don’t tell me how long I have as this will interfere with my ‘staying positive’ still scary though

thanks horace for your reply

The whole thing is very scary indeed.The triple neg is like sitting on a time bomb but so far so good.Were your bone mets dx at same time as primary bc?

within a few months

That is tough sorry I disappeared for a while my pc was playing up

Hi Melody,

I can understand your feeling isolated. I felt just the same. I’m a “younger woman” (for once - age 41) and found a thread of women trying to get together in the Edinburgh area - - we now meet monthly and chat on the phone/in here between times.

Why don’t you post a thread yourself? You may be surprised at the response. You most certainly aren’t alone in feeling isolated, and I’m sure other people just haven’t got the courage to post the thread. Perhaps “secondary cancer” would be the correct thread for you to use - or Chit Chat & Fun.

All the best to you,
Westie xx

Hi Horace and Westie,

my last post seems to have gone adrift. Thank you for your replies, I have posted a thread and hope for some response as I so need a BCC Buddy

Love M xx

Hello Melody,
im sure you will meet up with people from here, you could mention the name of your hospital in the thread title, and i think you will find most people on here feel isolated to some degree!!! have you contacted the BCC because they do a phone buddy service, not sure on all the details but i know they do it,

Hi Anna,

I am waiting for the phone link up it will be later in September. My hospital is The King Edward parapet dept at Windsor