Feeling like s***!

Not posted on here for a while, since 2 years since dx, mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation and then the delightful Arimadex! Have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia some 5 years ago, so have pain and fatigue most days anyway. But over the last week or so my wrists and hands have been so painful - nothing as bad as this before. Wake up in the night with pins and needles in hands and down arms, and the pain is sometimes unbearable. So … looked at the side-effects of Arimadex and found that carpal tunnel syndrome is one! Symptoms match too. It being Easter couldn’t get into see GP until tomorrow, but wondered if anyone else on here had experienced similar symptoms.

Am getting so fed up with this whole business, thought I was on the mend and even took a part-time job, but feel so tired all the time, not so sure I was ready to go back to work. What a nightmare this whole thing is. Sorry to moan so much, but knew you’d all understand. Can’t moan to my OH too much, they just don’t understand do they?

Jean xx

Hi Jean, I had carpal tunnel 10 years ago and the symptoms were exactly as you described. I had cortisone injections and they worked a treat for years then I had to have an operation on my left hand. as it came back. Isn’t it awful in the night, The hospital gave me splints and they stopped the night pins and needles until I had treatment. Ask for them Love Eileen

hi jean,
sorry to hear your experiencing such pain…if you go to the ‘’ AFTER TREATMENT HAS FINISHED ‘’ category on, i think its page one, there is a Topic and comments relating to Carpol tunnel syndrome and Arimidex.

hope this might help.

karen x

Hi Daisies

I am relatively new to this site only having been diagnosed in Jan (had WLE and now having rads). I too was diagnosed some years back with fibromyalgia so can sympathise with the aches and the fatigue. I found my hands and wrists were the worst but also had a lot of calf muscle pain (I still get stuck if I get down on the floor and need my son to haul me up lol).

My fibro improved and allowed me to go back to work after about 2 years but I still have to be careful not to overdo it at times.

One of my best finds was ibuprofen gel available from any pharmacy - it can be used alongside ibuprofen tablets without risk of overdose. Don’t know enough about carpol tunnel to say if it would help but handy to have in the house for other niggles.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome too since starting Arimidex. I wear a splint at night and do some exercises that I found on a website that was mentioned in another posting about Arimidex and carpal tunnel. These have helped a lot. I had the operation done on my other wrist years ago and I am not in a hurry to have another operation at the moment.
All the best

Thank you all so much for your helpful replies. I have been to GP this morning and she thinks it is carpal tunnel syndrome and is referring me to a consultant. Meanwhile, I have been and bought some splints, and am wearing them now - they are making the pain less extreme. I have also bought some Ibuprofen gel and Ibuprofen tablets, as the Diculofenic I was prescribed at the NHS walk in centre the other day made me feel really sick yesterday - can’t win can you?!!

Anyway, feel a lot brighter today - so thanks again. Hope you are all having a good day. Take care.

jeanx xx

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope you don’t wait too long for an appointment with the consultant and that he/she is able to offer some resolution.