Feeling low at the end of treatment

Finished radiotherapy after Breast conservation surgery, when people ask I say I’m fine, today all I’ve done is cry, don’t know why so many people worse of than me, yes it’s been a long journey and I know it will be some time till I feel fine. Stayed strong all through the last five months why am I like this now

Hi Cmel…it is very natural to feel low at the end of treatment. From the day of diagnosis it feels like our whole life is taken over by the hospital. At the end of treatment, after probably calling the hospital your second home for months, the safety net disappears and you don’t have another appointment for ages so feel a bit lost?

This article is well worth a read and hopefuly will help to reassure you. Might be worth seeing if MacMillan or similar offer complimentary therapies, which I found brilliant at the end of treatment, or maybe an opportunity for a chat with a counsellor or similar.


All the very best to you…and hope that you continue well on your road to recovery…take care x

Hi Cmel

Along with the support you have here I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Moving forward’ support and information which you I hope you will find helpful during this difficult time:


Take care
Lucy BCC