Feeling low mastectomy wound broke down due to seroma

Hi all

Feeling rather down at the moment. I had double mastectomy on 16 June and developed seromas both sides. The left one was worse and suddenly 2 inches of the wound opened right up. I had to have a general anaesthetic have the wound recut and stitched and another drain put in.
When I was on the ward, the other side started opening up and that was restitched on the ward.

I’m not sure what caused it. I think probably a combination of chemo having compromised my healing and the fluid from the seroma. I am praying it won’t delay the chemo I’m now due too much.

I am worried because I’m still draining about 80 to 100ml of fluid each day and the drain is due to be removed on Wednesday. When will it ever stop?!

I also can’t wear my bra with softies when I go out and having gone from a 38FF to a complete flat chest means that people who know me can’t help but look. I feel like I don’t want to go out as I have to wear a scarf (no hair) and no bust - I feel like everyone can see what has happened and I want to at least appear normal.


Hi Elinda,

I am sorry this has happened to you. I’m afraid I can’t be much help as my mx went fairly well - no restitching etc. and I only have a
small bust.

Hopefully, there will be someone along soon who can give you
some advice.

As far as feeling low is concerned, I know how that feels so
will offer hugs and sympathy.


Hi Elinda

I had a mastectomy at Easter and developed a seroma because I had to have the drain removed 36 hrs after the op, due to the Nurse who changed my dressing in hospital being too vigourous and dislodging the drain so it was resting on a nerve. I can sympathise with you as it is most uncomfortable to have all that fluid sloshing about under the skin - I too was producing about 100ml per day. Although it took 6 weeks for the seroma to heal, it did feel a lot more comfortable after the first 2 weeks and I wore my softies and post-op bra throughout, without any problems.

Hang on in there, it will get better eventually.

Best wishes

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Regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Elinda
I have had a seroma since my op on the 27th May the last time I was drained they got 580mls off so I know how uncomfortable it can be but luckily no wound break down. I was told it could last up to 6 weeks and I am 6 weeks post op with fluid still there personally I would rather a seroma than lymphodema so I count myself lucky!
I had chemo prior to my op so maybe that does not help? I know it is awful having no hair and the change in body image but I am sure when people notice it is just out of concern. I was worried what people thought about me having no hair as in the hot weather I have gone without my wig (except for the school run at the request of my children 5& 8) but when people ask or notice it is often so they can offer help and sympathy not because they want to point and laugh. Please do not stop going out If people cannot deal with the way you look it is their problem!
I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks so much for all your replies and support. I had my drain out yesterday although still draining 70ml per day. Luckily there is still a gaping hole which I now have a drain bag over and it’s been draining out okay. The wound is looking good and stitches out next week. It will delay my treatment so instead of all chemo and radiotherapy being finished by Christmas it will now go into the new year - oh well, hopefully be finished by my birthday in February.

My surgeon is sure that it is the chemotherapy particularly as I’ve now developed a small pressure sore on the base of my spine even though I’m mobile. Prior to all this I’ve always healed amazingly fast after previous surgery astounding the consultant I had for a hysterectomy and bowel resection so makes sesne to me.

I did go out shopping with my husband with no bra or softies, my drain discreetly hidden under my T-shirt and my wig on. It did make me feel better and no-one looked at my chest!

Claire you’re so right about finding things to be thankful about and I do. Usually I’m quite upbeat but every now and again I sink really low. That’s why this site is so great.
thanks again, Elinda x

Glad you are feeling better you are right we all need a littel pick me up now and again!