Feeling low work issues

Hi ladies just needed to let of steam! I am a gp nurse and have been there for 16 years.I had my first lumpectomy 7th June I then had to have 2nd lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy 14th July and am going in on 3 rd August for 3 rd lumpectomy. I have had 2 weeks off work after my 1st op then went back whilst waiting for results and 2nd op I have been off since then as I had to have 3 rd op (confusing I know) Anyway popped in yesterday to give them my sick certificate until 23rd August and was told I had gone on to half pay! I was shocked especially as the gps kept saying "don’t worry about money just get better"I felt as if something had knocked me down even more . I feel so low and have had a very tearful day regarding this as financial worries do nothing to help you’re anxiety whilst going through all this anyway I still have to wAit for results see oncologist and have radiotherapy 30 miles from where I live do I don’t know what time frame we are talking about. I was so upset when I left I rang McMillan just to talk to someone there and then They were excellent. I feel I’m being punished as I have bc and as if any of us ladies asked to get it!! Sorry I had to let off steam but am interested to know if anyone else has had the same problem and they could give me any suggestions I’ve been a nurse for 40 years and I feel so despondent and I’m not looking forward to Thursday for the op

Oh Peedles I’m so sorry that you are going through so many ops and now have these financial worries on top. You would hope that in the medical profession you would have more support.

You are in the right place to find some support on the forum.

There are many nurses on the forum going through treatment, hopefully someone will have some relevant advice and support. Those in the NHS have had 6 months full pay and then gone on to half pay. As you work for a GP surgery you will need to check the terms sand conditions of your employment.

I was working for an independent retailer when I was diagnosed. I was paid statutory sick pay for six months then made redundant!

It’s a stressful time waiting for results and not knowing what your ongoing treatment will be. I remember worrying about radiotherapy because of the travel, I was able to get hospital transport to help with that, you really need to take one step at a time and try not to think about that yet.

Have a look at the someone like me section, it might be reassuring to find someone who has gone through a similar situation.

I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday, I hope all goes well and keep popping in here for support.

Dawn x

Hi Peedles ,does it not say in your contract what sick pay you are entitled to ?

Last thing you want is money worries too isn’t it !!!

Hi girls Thankbyou for all you’re good luck wishes Had my op yesterday so now waiting for results . I mentioned to my bc nurse and surgeon about my now half pay and they couldn’t believe it and said they would help me by writing to them to support me How lovely was that? Oh by the way I haven’t had a reply yet from work yet after my request to see if they could extend my full time pay. Maybe I’ll hear . Hope op went ok Jencat x and thank you all again for messages Will keep I touch x

Glad you got op over Peedles -fingers crossed this is the last one !! You would think a GP surgery would be an understanding employer wouldn’t you ?Is it really discretionary what sick pay they give you ?