Feeling low

Hi All,

I am feeling low today. I saw the onc today,and he confirmed that my bone scan revealed that I have extensive mets in my ribs on both sides. I am going to have six cycles of Zometa, the first one starting this Friday, and I have been taking Tmoxifen for a month.

I was expecting this news,and thought I was prepared, but to hear it confirmed has really knocked me for six.


Sorry Mary this is definitely not the news you wanted to hear, hope that the Zometa is kind to you and if you are in pain, they manage to sort out your pain relief.

very sorry to hear your news. Hopefully they will get all your meds sorted. You will get lots of positive feed back from the lovely ladies on this site.


Carolyn x

Hi Mary,
Just wanted to add my warm wishes to you, sorry you’re feeling so low. Take your time with it and treat yourself gently and you surely will begin to feel less desperate.
love jacquie x

So sorry to hear your news, Mary. I’m not sure that you can ever really prepare yourself for the bad news - I certainly don’t think I can - although maybe it does lessen or shorten that horrible shock feeling.

I’m a “liver mets” lady so can’t help with specific info about bone mets but know there are lots of ladies who will offer support and give information if you have specific questions.

Hope the zometa treatment goes ok on Friday.

Kay x

Hi Mary,

I am sorry to hear your news - as you say you were expecting it but it still doesnt lessen the sadness with which it hits us. It just brings home the reality of what this disease does to us. There are a number of us here who have had bone mets for some years now and I hope you will take encouragement from that as you get used to the knowledge you have joined us. You might want to ask your onc why he is talking of 6 cycles of zometa - these bisphosphonate drugs are not usually given for a limited time. My own bonemets were diagnosed in 2002 and at that time they were found to be very extensive - to skull, ribs, collarbone, all areas of spine, hips & pelvis. I found after about 3 cycles of bisphos. the pain improved. I had some radiotherapy to the most painful areas - top of spine and one hip. I have had subsequent rads to other areas more recently. Most of the time (until recently) pain has not been a problem and once treatment started everything stablised very quickly. If you have any specific questions do ask away as I am sure between us we will come up with answers :slight_smile:


Hi Ladies, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my post.I am feeling a little better than I did earlier,yes it was a shock to have it confirmed, and to know that life won’t ever be quite the same again,

Dawn… I don’t know why my onc suggested only six cycles, I will ask at the centre on Fri when I have my first one.

Thanks again ladies, it is so good to know that you are there.

Hope you all have a peaceful night


Hi Mary

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis today. I got pretty low when I was told my secondry to the liver had come back and I had ‘new’ mets in my pelvic bone.

I had already dealt with the primary and secondry diagnosis once before, knew it would be back but hearing it again was soooooooo desparately disappointing. Like you, I was expecting to hear it but when I did expecting it didn’t make hearing it any easier.

It took me several weeks to find a balance and feel less weepy and I started wondering if I was going to find ‘that place’ were I could move forward. Jacksy’s advise to take time with it is so important as I did start to put myself under pressure to feel better, cope better, be more upbeat etc. In the end it that place came along and found me. The bone mets are now part of my new normalness and I am now looking forward to the joy of good results from my next scans (hey I like to look on the bright side!).

Hope your treatment is kind and you get good results.

Best wishes, Love L x

Hi Marychris,
Like the others I’m sorry you’ve joined us. I got dx on 15th March so all still very new to me too but this site does help specially when you hear positive stories and see people years down the line.
I’ve had some radiotherapy & am on Femera, due to start Zometa in a couple of weeks. You will get your head around it in your own time, try to be gentle with yourself.Hope the treatment goes well. JulieD x

Hi Mary
Yes, it is a shock but I found once something ‘positive’ was being done I was able to accept things better, however getting the pain under control will probably be a priority before you can adjust to this new stage of your life. As Dawn has said, bisphosphonates are usually given indefinitely once a bone mets dx has been made so it will be worth checking out why you onc has said 6 cycles. However I expect everything was a bit of a blur when you last spoke to him/her so you may have more questions this time. Also, I’m not sure if it’s the same with Zometa, but the 1st IV of Pamidronate (another bisphos) can make you feel queasy and flu-ey so it may be worth checking out on here or elsewhere what to expect. Good luck with everything - and to everyone else dealing with secondaries
Nicky x

Hello Marychris and Julie D…I can only echo what everyone else has said here…I was diagnosed with bone mets and bc in 2003, I was in my early 40’s and was diagnosed when my hip spontaneously fractured…I feel SO much better seven years later, I had a hip replacement which has been marvellous and I’m mobile and don’t need painkillers so just to let you know things really can get better for a long time. I’ve been on bisphosphonates since early 2004. My first bisphosphonate treatment was via infusions. (like some other ladies here I now take a daily tablet instead, Bondronat) Nicky mentioned the flu like symptoms we often feel after the initial dose, I experienced this too…all other infusions after the initial one were fine.
Love Belinda…xx

Hi Mary, So sorry to hear you are feeling low and I really hope that you will take inspiration from the ladies on this wonderful site as I have. I was told that I had liver secondaries in January (after 18 years) and then once all the scans etc were complete, I found out I have mets in my spine as well. It was a terrible feeling, but honestly I’ve come to terms with it now and am feeling quite hopeful for a reasonable future. Please, please try to stay positive and stay on this site, it’s a godsend. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses and thinking of you all. Dianne x x x

after suffering increasing pain since june 2009, was diagnosed with osteoporosis, on painkiller including morphine and oromorph, for 6 fractures in vertebrae. After saying I also had a lump under my arm, all the scans were redone, for some reason nobody had checked for bone secondaries, even though I kept suggesting that was the problem.
The results were cancer in spine scapula sternum and ribs.
The good news after only 3 Zometa infusions I can now manage on 2 paracetamols a day, and feeling so much better and enjoy painfree days. Although it was not a diagnosis that I wanted, to be painfree is fantastic and i am enjoying everyday.
So good luck the first one is a bit strange but then it gets better quickly.
All the best Ann

Hi Ladies,

I must admit I didnt have a very good night, to tell you the truth,it felt like the end of the world!! but I have just turned on my computer to read all your lovely letters of support and encouragement, thank you so much. I am now looking forward to starting my treatment, and hopefully being pain free, that will be a big bonus!!

Love to you all,Maryx

Hi Mary,

Hope your Zometa today went OK.

I was dx with bone mets last June and started on Zometa since Aug. Had flu like symptoms for the first 2 circles.

Recently was told I had liver mets even though I was expecting bad news. So I know extractly what you mean. It doesn’t make it any easier, does it? The good news was that even though cancer had progressed, there was no progression in the bone! So even though Tamoxifen failed dramatically in holding up the spread of cancer, Zometa did a really good job in holding up the bone mets! So, there is hope! Solid proof that Zometa is a very good and effective drug. Hope it will do a fantistic job for you, too.

Take care

Hi m1yu,

Thanks, everything went okay today, but I expect I will get zapped with some side effect over the weekend!! I am so pleased that you got some good results from Zometa,but gutted for you that the Tamoxifen wasn’t so good. I have just started on Tamoxifen, so hope it’s a bit kinder to me!! I am feeling a bit better now that treatment has actually started, and looking forward to some pain relief…hopefully!!!

Take care,

Love Maryxx

Hi m1yu & marychris,
Sorry about your liver mets m1yu & hope they get you on something that will help,have they said what they might try? Good that bone mets are being controlled, try to keep your chin up.
Glad your first zometa went ok mary and hope you don’t have too many side effects and they are short lived. I’ve got appt next Monday to arrange when I’ll start zometa and whilst I’m not looking foreward to it I’ll be glad when it starts!
Best wishes to you both, JulieD xx

Hi Julie,

So far so good, I was feeling extra tired this morning,so stayed in bed a while longer than usual, feel better for the rest. I do hope the Zometa works well for you.Thanks for thinking of me,and your good wishes.

I am also hoping that m1yu is on something that will sort out her liver mets. Although we don’t know each each other,this shared experience,is making me concerned about everyone on here, and I just wish I could wave a magic wand,and put it all right,but all of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love Maryxx

Hi Mary & Julie,

Thanks for asking about me. Should have told you earlier. I started a new chemo - FEC last Friday. Totally knocked out by it, got the full package of side effects, including an infection on Thur! Apparently my onc told me I was “very unlucky” to get all those and he’s going to do some adjustments to my tablets for next time. I’m hoping those cancers cells had a worse time than me and as I continue to recover, they won’t!

Mary - hope my previous comments on Tamoxifen didn’t worry you. Apparently my onc said I’m “very unlucky” that it only lasted 4 months - when will I be lucky??? Ya, If I’m lucky, wouldn’t get BC in the first place!! So, here’s hoping that Tamoxifen do a good job for you.

Julie - hope you appt goes well on Mon and your zometa can get started soon.

Will be thinking about you both… Take care


Hi m1yu and Julie,

I have just written out a post,pressed something,and it has diappeared!! I think I have reported it… not sure what happened,so I will try again!!

m1yu so sorry you are having a rotten time with the chemo,it’s about time your luck changed,this could be the time, keeping everything crossed for you!!! I wasn’t worried about your Tamoxifen comments, I know it doesn’t work for everyone,it’s all a game of chance!!

I was okay yesterday…or so I thought,but about three o’clock this morning,I went into complete meltdown,the realsation hit me, I know you will understand what I mean. I feel a bit more in control now,I think if the pain could be sorted,I will be able to cope a bit better.

Julie hope it all goes well tomorrow,thinking of you both,

Love Maryxx