Feeling Low

Just to say thanks for all your good wishes am back out of hospital but feeling quite low at the moment. Will hopefully be back on form soon, when the meds kick in.

Just thanks for all your emails and look forward to being with you all again.

Lots of love Elaine

Hiya Elaine

I’m rooting for you girl, don’t forget the mirror hugs.

Love Julie xxx

Hi Elaine,

welcome back! Sorry to hear you are feeling low at the mo, I was feeling v.low myself a few days ago but the support I received from everyone on here went a long way towards perking me up, so I hope we can all do that for you too!

Sending you a big ‘cyber hug’ ((((((((((o))))))))))

Take care,


Hi Elaine

Just to welcome you back and hope that you are feeling better soon.

Love and best wishes


Well nearly got through the day, soon been time for bed, its the only place I am at peace at the moment, apart from being here with you lot. Trying to think positive for tomorrow and start the week with a smile on my face. Will let you know if it works.

Thanks for being there everyone


PS Definitely need the mirror hugs Jez

Feel a little better today, anyone any ideas how long these depressive moods last, the arimedex just seem to make me feel worse, just hope the prozac kicks in soon.
Hope everyone else is ok today. Sorry to post and moan just feeling lonely…


hi elaine,
always here for you my love xxxx
karen x

No sorry but nice to hear from you. Write me any time, get lonely and depressed