Feeling more positive

I’m now five weeks post surgery and have started to get my energy back which is great, my breast had now healed really well and apart from random pain in my arm from lymph nodes being removed everything is good. I restart chemotherapy on the 5th July as one naughty lump node still had live cancer cells all other cancer had died. This time last week I was really down exhausted and fed up but pulled my knickers up and carried on. I have found walking helps with the fatigue and also forces me to leave the house. So for all who are having a bad day or couple of weeks like me it gets better and my saying at the moment I would rather be lop sided three stone over weight (put on during treatment) and with little hair as long as I am cancer free love to all on the BC journey keep fighting xxx

Hi Suestacy, thank you for your very positive post and reassuring to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel xx

Great post Sue.  Walking is great mental therapy. Your attitude is inspirational.  Take care. Xxx