Feeling nervous

I’m 28 and since December found what I thought was a lump in my left breast went to docs who thought it was a cyst sent me to breast clinic and told was thickening of the breast tissue have to go back in 3 weeks and if not gone then have scan and biopsy the problem is I’ve developed severe pain around the thickening going into my nipple the Pains so bad at times it brings me to tears it’s also got me more worried and advice on how to deal with the pain very welcome :frowning:

Hi Stacey2509

I’m sorry to read you’re experiencing such a difficult time at the moment.  Whilst you are waiting for the other users to reply with their knowledge and support you might find it helpful to talk things through with a member of staff on the BCC helpline.  Here you can share your thoughts and concerns with someone who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  Th number to call is 0808 800 6000 and lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Hi thanks for reply I’ve been back to gp who can me stronger painrelief and went in to the clinic as work at the hospital but was told to just wait for my appointment… Just getting me more nervous as when first noticed it in December it was only an achy feeling but now the pains spread and a lot worse than what it was just can’t get comfy as it’s in waves not a constant pain when it comes ive tried wearing sports bra and going bra less but feels like my nipple is on fire x