Feeling positive and grateful todaye

Well I’m 46 today! Sitting in my garden in the sunshine on my own before the family get up, my BC journey started when I first went to clinic for tests, I think I knew then how my life was about to be turned upside down.

I have never been through such an emotional roller-coaster, fear, tears, anger and shock.

But today just past 4 weeks past op, having met my onc doc and starting Che. I in 3 weeks, I feel a weird sense of relief, I’m lucky to have found my BC, live in a country where we have a fantastic NHS who give us our lives back I am so grateful for everything that they are doing for me

yeah it’s not good going through this, but I feel so positive today about everything and I am looking forward to many more happy birthdays with people I love x

Hi there


i know what you mean.  The treatment I have had has been second to none, and I wouldn’t give up the NHS for anything, no question absolutely the best. 


I saw a quote this weekend, which is apparently confusious:  “you have two lives, the second one starts when you realise you only have one”.  I thought yep That’s what the tears, fear and realisation did for me.  Beautifiul weekend, enjoy one and all?  Happy birthday as well.?



Well happy 46th birthday to you lady.  WOnderful powerful post and I know exactly what you mean, it was my birthday on Monday and I sat in the lounge, weather was not so good on Monday, thinking pretty much the same thing, life is different I have been on a journey I never expected and have come out the other side with so so many reasons to be grateful.


Enjoy your wonderful day and I am certain you are going to be right royaly spoiled.


Loads of love


Helena xxx

Thank you ladies, yes I never felt like this before on a birthday, normally just another day to me, but not today, today I’m celebrating life and everything I love about it!!! And happy birthday to you Helena for Mon gone!!

Love the quote too, it is so true I am so grateful I am able to be able to be around for a lot longer thanks to a wonderful team of Health Professionals xxxx

Absolutely agree with everyone. ?  I have  never met such caring, kind and thoughtful professionals as on this journey. I’ve had two chemos and two hospital admissions, but NHS is superb throwing everything at the infections and altering dosages to get me through my third one. The emotions ???, and yet each day is a joy when you can fling open the curtains, hear the birds , feel the grass under your toes and manage some , what used to be, mundane chores. Ain’t life great, ladies? X

Happy birthday Mishy18!

Sounds like you had a positive birthday weekend, that’s great to hear :) 

Becca at Breast Cancer Care 

What lovely posts :slight_smile: there are many positives that come out of our bc journey. Onwards and definitely upwards!


Love & light to all,