feeling queasy and thirsty

feeling queasy and thirsty

feeling queasy and thirsty Hi Ladies

Has anyone else felt queasy on and off for the 3 week period in between each FEC chemo and I also have an incredible thirst does anyone else have this???

your posts would be much appreciated

Hi Lucy

Yes, I was exactly the same continual nausea for all 3 weeks, they actually changed me to a new anti-emetic that worked brilliantly for the last cycle that I managed to get. Shame I missed out on that for the first 3, at least I know had I managed to get all 6 rather than missing the last 2 , then I would have had one less problem!

I too had continual thirst, I just kept drinking as much water as I could contain. I think that my body temp was raised so much during chemo that I dried myself out :wink: My BCN did say it’s normal to have increased thirst during FEC.

Hope you feel a bit better soon.

Luv Lynn x

message for ssilver Hello Lucy,

Sorry to read that you are not feeling to well at the moment.

Re the thirst bit, i may be mistaken but it is a sign for dibetes, could it be that your sugar levels are up the creek because of the chemo. It might be worth ringing the chemo nurses just to put your mind at rest.

You have your next "poisoning " on Friday i think you said good luck with that. I had my second Epi today and the gel helped with the viens and they changed the anti sickness drugs so the headaches should improve.

Take care as always

Hi Lucy,

I had my first FEC on Monday and have not felt nauseous so far, so the anti sickness stuff seems to be suiting me OK.

However, I feel very dried out…mouth, nose, eyes…also drowsy and constipated. I think that in my case it’s caused by the anti-emetic.

I have had similar symptoms when taking anti-travel sickness pills or anti-histamines, and I think that the anti emetics work in similar way.


I would recommend getting your sugar levels checked as I am manifesting some diabetic symptoms with the steroids, apparently this can happen in some patients and it returns tomorrow when the chemo is finished.

thirst I suffered nausea and extreme thirst during my chemo. The thrist problem carried on during rads too. I had additional dental checks during my treatment to keep a closer eye on my teeth. My dentist informed that thirst during chemo is not unusual as the chemo drugs “dry up” some of your salivary glands. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to see me more often as it can cause additional problems with your teeth. The good news is that it does go back to normal once treatment has finished. I used to take a bottle of water to bed with me as I woke up every night with a raging thirst. I drank loads of water during the day because I was constantly thirsty. I was extra careful with oral hygiene, avoided fizzy drinks, even fizzy water as it’s acidic, sweets, etc. I also chewed a lot of sugar free gum and had a lot of sugar free mints from the health food shop. It’s not a pleasant experience but things have gone back to normal since I finished my treatment.


Hi again Lucy I have an almost constant dry mouth and my doctor has prescribed a spray called Glandosane to help - it’s a synthetic saliva - I prefer to take sips of drink if poss, but I keep it in my handbag as it’s handy when you are out.

I read about the possible diabetes - will also ask my onc tomorrow about that. Got my first Taxotere tomorrow, so a bit nervous.

Take care - and look it’s June already. Cast your mind back to Feb/March, when we started on this rollercoaster.

Anita xx

Hi Lucy,

I am just coming up for my second FEC treatment and have also felt thirsty and queazy now and then. I have found that Ginger Ale has helped with the queazy feeling, i keep it in the fridge so nice and cold - also, Rose’s Lime cordial seems to help with the thirst problem (it just tastes better than water alone) - hope this helps.

Morgaina xxx

thanks Ladies Thanks Ladies for all your kind posts my GP is now testing me for Diabetes to rule this out…


Hi Ladies

Just to update you apparently I seem to be bordering on diabetes apparently but at this stage it is nothing to worry about and they hope it will right itself once chemo is over in 3 weeks time…


Lucy, that is very good news. In my case they had to check me out as my brother has been type 2 for about 10 years. I have a meter for checking my blood and whilst it is up some days, most of the time it is about normal. My chemo finishes next Wednesday, so I will keep checking for a bit after. The clinic were not worried in my case and saw no reason to give me a follow up appointment.