feeling really low

Hiya everyone feeling really low over the last few days my hair started cuming out saturday and now almost gone carnt stop crying and dont know wat to do my 2nd epi is friday and not looking forward to it at all feeling really tired got four kids to look after 12 8 and 2 and 10 months old carnt do things wat i want to do with them it hurts so much i miss my old life and i just dont feel like me or even normal anymore does this make sence to anyone cus i just feel as though im cracking up at the moment. hope everyone else is doing ok
thinking of all of you
love patsy

Oh Patsy,

My heart goes out to you, sweetheart. How difficult it must be with your four children to look after. Do you have anyone who lives nearby who could help you with the little ones? Give them a ring if you have. You can’t do this by yourself when you’re not feeling well.Others will come on here and sympathise soon, and give you advice, you are never alone on this horrible journey…

Also, do ring the BCC helpline, they are so marvellous and will listen while you talk about how you are feeling. They’ve been there themselves or can put you in touch with someone who has come through a similar situation. I’ve just contacted them myself, this week,because I am low and anxious, and found the friendly voice at the other end such a help and comfort.

Enjoy a cuddle with your young ones, if you can. Can your second epi be delayed a week? I’ve had two delays so far, and they did me good, let me bounce back a bit more. Ask your onc nurse,tell her how low you are feeling. And don’t ever feel you are being a nuisance by ringing them up, they won’t know unless you tell them.

Thinking of you.


Hi Patsy

I am really sorry that things are sooo awful for you at the moment. I do not have small children(grown up now) and did not have chemo, so can only try to imagine how tough things are for you right now. Also sorry about the hair.
What are you doing today? Do you have anyone around to help you? I really hope so. I assume your two little ones are at home with you or do they have nusery places.
Sending cyber hugs Alicexx

thanx everyone i have got my dear husband and all my family live pretty near but i am one of them people that dnt like to bother others no matter what the promblem is i have been pretty strong but since losing my hair just feel as though ive bein taken over by somebody else im sure i will be ok i just need a kick up the backside to get me moving i think.But yes i do have family and they do help alot just dont want bother anyone
hugs to all

Hi again Patsy
I am pretty sure that your loving family will not feel as though you are bothering them. In fact I think that they may be happy that you shared with them how you are and that maybe they could support you a little more. There are times when making a fuss is essential. Don’t be alone.

Aw Patsy, really sorry to hear you are finding it so hard; but no wonder with a houseful of young children on top of everything else. If you don’t feel able to approach your family for help, speak to your healthvisitor. They may be able to organise childcare for you through the Social Work Department (I got this when I had post natal depression and there was nobody to help - it’s not a bad thing, and I found everybody really supportive and helpful). It may help to know you are getting a couple of afternoons off a week, even just to sleep! And what do you pay your council tax for?

It’s great that you are able to be so honest online, and I hope you get support from us all whilst you go through all this.

Take care of yourself
Sue xx

Hi Patsy - so sorry to hear you are in such a difficult situation - the advice above is very wise, because if ever there was a time when it is okay to ask for help, that time is now - and I just want to encourage you to do that - help is the hardest word to say - but it may help you to say it if you tell yourself that by asking for a helping hand you will be helping your children, and second, your family will actually feel honoured to be asked and will be only too glad to feel needed.

Hi Patsy Oh sweetheart I wanted to cry when I read your thread . Do’nt shut your family out they will want to help, could you arrange a rota so you could have an hours break for an afternoon rest. Mine are grown up and I found it hard enough on EPI, with retired OH to help me. IT WILL PASS believe me. I am on the last week of my rads and last Oct never thought this day would come. . You are never on your own with this site.
Love and hugs Bobbiexxxx

Hi Patsy

I’m sorry to read that you’re feeling low at the moment. If you want to talk to someone in confidence the team on the helpline will be only too happy to talk to you and just be a listening ear if you feel you want to share your fears and concerns. I am sure the feelings you are having are only natural but can understand your worries. BCC are here to support you so please use us if it will help. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi patsy,
My thoughts and good wishes are with you. I have had my 2nd lot of chemo today and am currently eating lemon ice lollies to keep the sickness at bay.
I too had the unfortunate experience of the hair loss on saturday and felt like my world had collapsed. I was sobbing buckets when my 5 year old daughter sat on my knee telling me to be strong and that she was going to get me through this. If that doesnt motivate me, nothing will. I went out today with just my bandana on for my treatment today and it was ok. I now know another step nearer to the end of this rubbish time and am sure we will all get through this together.

Love and hugs

Guinness xxx