Feeling sad

I was diagnosed with grade three breast cancer in Jan 2022. Lump in breast and one lymph node found.

march till Aug  under went chemo

just had surgery full left breast mastectomy and reconstruction as well as lymph removed.

Follow up appointment today with results was told the main lymph that had the cancer still had cancer but the two either side that was removed were clear, but a decision was made to have a full lymph removal. I now have to have further surgery for this, and just pray that all the lymph nodes that are removed will be clear??

im at a loss atm I feel scared that it’s not gone, will I survive, will it kill me!!  

feeling very low

Dear Debc, 

reading your post with sadness, what a difficult time you have had surgery, chemo yet again more surgery ahead, understandable you are feeling completely overwhelmed and feeling very scared.

Please speak to your breast cancer nurses, they are there to look after you, help you and give you the support you need.

I always say one day at a time, at the moment you can’t see the wood for the tree which is quite acceptable, taking all the help from all people around you.

Wishing you well for a good outcome      Biggest hug Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Debc71 sorry you have to go for extra surgery, it’s a curve ball that lots of others here have faced too and they have as you will when you’ve processed this latest news from your team please do hold onto your team has an arsenal up it’s sleeve to throw at things and there are new treatments and trial’s happening all the time do please use the someone like me option with bcn or speak to a nurse  phone the number I’m sure others will pop on and help you by sharing words of understanding too because I’m sure we’ve all had moments and still do. Just be kind to yourself and bcn and all of us are here for you :two_women_holding_hands: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

I have to have lymph nodes removed in my armpit too as i had cancer in the sentinel node in my breast. Once i have these out, they will test them to see if they have cancer in them, but i will know if it’s spread further. I am sorry you have lymph node involvement. I would much prefer not to have had it myself. But I am still glad I had the the reconstruction. I am 67 and I was delighted they didn’t think I was too old to have one.

You have every right to be sad as this is a horrible disease, surgery is very unpleasant and I would much rather not have to expose my breasts to complete strangers which I have done on around 55 different people since 2003/2004 when I was first diagnosed. My latest cancer was found in April 2022 (by me) 19 years later. 


Any news on a date for your lymph node surgery? I had scans yesterday to see where the lymph nodes are in my armpit and it appears it was not straightforward now I have a diep reconstruction on top of where the old breast was taken off on 8 September 2022