Feeling so emotional

I had a lumpectomy in November & finished 15 sessions of radiotherapy last Wednesday, 4th Jan. I was lucky it was found so early but why do I feel so awful. I don’t want to get out of bed & everything is such an effort at the moment. The worse thing is I can’t stop crying & feel so emotional. I’m seeing my gp tomorrow as my sick not runs out for work but really am not ready to go back. I feel that people think as treatment has finished you should be ok & as mine was early stages what am I worrying about. 6 weeks prior to my diagnosis my hubby had a heart attack & is waiting for another procedure from that so still more worry.

Please do not be so hard on yourself. I, too had a lumpectomy in August, also found early and I had the rads and now tamoxifen. It is totally natural to feel as you do as you also have the worry about hubby. Please speak honestly to your gp as they will do what is best for you. Take care, Mary xx

Went to the gp today, am signed off for another 4 weeks. I have been referred for counselling & upped the antidepressants that she put me on before Christmas as it was only a low starting dose. Hopefully they will kick in soon.

Hi Helshaw, i am glad you saw your GP and they are giving you help and support. I finished my rads on 29th december. I was diagnosed with high grade dcis and had 2 ops. I feel physically ok but i sm so emotional - i feel angry at everyone as they are just letting me do everything i have always done. It sounds ridiculous but i just want someone to say ’ come on you need a break’!! I have been looking after my mother in law and helping to look after my own mum too as they have both been ill since new year. I have also had relatives staying with me. I would actuslly quite like to get back to work for a rest!! Anyway, i think what i am trying to say is you are not alone in what you are feeling and i hope you feel better soon xxx