Feeling unwell before the start of treatment

Can I just ask did anyone feel at all unwell in between diagnosis and starting their treatments??
Annie x

hi Annie,
In what way? I think we’ve all had anxiety related symptoms, noticed every twinge, physical stress symptoms - my bp was up, not sleeping well, loss of appetite & so on.
Obviously, when under stress it’s also possible to be more prone to infection.
take care
ann x



Not sure what you mean by feeling unwell.


For a lot of us when we are told that we have cancer there is a lot of stress and anxiety that we feel, mostly down to the fact that it is fear of the unknown, our minds do play a lot of tricks with us in terms of every ache and pain you start to think that it is down to the breast cancer.


I know I lost a bit of weight from diagnosis to treatment and that was down to stress, because I have had that happen to me before.  I did have the “sicky” feeling but again that was down to anxiety because I although I knew what was going to happen and when, it was all new to me.  I have had many ops in my life due to the condition I was born with and that was normal, but this was very different


Helena xx

my daughter just said to me why do you not look or feel un well and I didn’t really have an answer for her. I just said well I’m lucky that it’s only the treatment to get rid of the cancer that might make me poorly. I didn’t know what else to say because I generally do feel well other than the things you’ve just mentioned Ann. Thank you for replying to me x

Well, apart from the little matter of a bc diagnosis, I was fit & well on diagnosis, in fact the anaesthetist said I was fit & well!
Fortunately, bc tends to be picked up earlier than other cancers as its easier to self detect any breast changes & there is screening too. As it is usually contained within the breast at this stage, it wouldn’t normally be causing other symptoms.
So you are right in what you said to your daughter.

Thank you all for you help I’m just trying to ease a confused 12 year old mind as best I can.
Your all amazing

I think anxiety made me feel poorly before op! I got restless legs and cramps! Lack of sleep made me look rough! My boob hurt from when I found the lump not sure how much of that was holding my body differently!

Sandra x