Feeling very anxious and nervous

Hello all,

I am feeling so worried about my mum gets her CT scan results on Tuesday.

When we went down the hospital a few weeks ago, the nurse said that her tumour markers had risen slightly. She also has these tiny little lumps on her breast. Onc then decided to stop chemotherapy until she gets CT results and sees her on Tuesday…

My mum only had a CT scan and results 6 weeks ago and it showed improvements/stable! So I do keep trying to remind myself of that but it’s so hard not to worry about it xx

Hi Marie, I’m sure you are very anxious about your mum. Quite natural, and strange if you weren’t. ? IF the markers have gone up then the Onco will be taking time to check it all out before going into the medical goody bag for a different medication. I’ve just been diagnosed with lung mets and the medics have sorted a nice little combo to hold it at bay. It’s not  a death sentence, as it once was, so take heart in knowing that the advances in science are working to your mums benefits. Sending you a big hug. X

Morning Marie

I reiterate what Annie has said. The oncologist seems to have everything under control.

Please come back onto the forum to let us know how your mum is.

Sending hugs.