feeling very insecure after recent mastectomy

hi, i was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in October, I have recently had a mastectomy and ancillary clearance after finishing 8 sessions of chemo (fec-t) and I am struggling to come to terms with how i look. I have been offered reconstruction in a year but can’t think that far ahead at the moment, I just feel so unattractive and am worried that these feelings won’t go away. can anybody please give me some thoughts on how to start accepting how I look and to feel more positive. many thanks

Dear curly05

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Hi Curly05

I can relate to how you feel ,I had the same op’s as you 4th April 2013 my mind was made up from the off that I’d have recon when I look at myself naked I just say ‘it won’t be forever its just for now’ I have never taken my eye off my goal. My-my how fast as year has passed at the end of this month I got an appiontment to discuss reconstruction I can’t wait I’ve only got small breasts my BCN said I can ask to make both bigger yippee and I can have which ever surgeon I want, and to see another surgeon for a second opinion as they may offer different surgery.I just picked out all the advantages of the recon and keep that to the front of my mind .So I know how you feel I just felt ugly but I snapped out of it we both been through to much dont give it the satisfaction of getting you down,before you no where you are you will be a year ahead, now Easter is here the rest of the year will fly by stay strong. Yvonne x

Thank you for your responses, I have just had my drain taken out and had a quick look at my chest and then asked if they would put another dressing over it :frowning: I find it hard to look at it and cant bear the thought of my husband seeing it as am worried he may think its horrible just like I do. I have to go to hospital on friday for results so am worried sick about that too and although they have said I can have a reconstruction in a years time they have also said that there i more chance of the cancer coming back in the same boob rather than the other and to be honest am thinking that if I had a reconstruction would I be strong enough to go through all this again should the cancer return. never have felt so many emotions in my life :frowning: