Feeling very lonely and anxious today

Tonight I face a night alone in my bed, waiting for tomorrow’s meeting with the consultant. Not knowing whether I will get results, just have a biopsy or face more waiting.


My ex has offered to come to the appointment with me but I don’t want him there. He had nothing I needed when we were together and I was starting to develop symptoms so how can he give me that now?


I have plenty of friends and family offering to help out with all the normal stuff so I would prefer to be alone I think but I am very scared. 


Having said that, from all your wonderful posts, which I have read today as I had to leave work (I couldn’t cope with work), I have the comfort of knowing that whatever the outcome, anything is better than being in limbo land.


Will let you know how I get on and thank you for all your support. 


Hi hoohah. I saw you wrote that you were feeling lonely, and that no-one has replied yet. Here’s a virtual hand to hold at this very scary time.

Be comforted by the fact that a team of experts are considering the best treatment for you. Waiting for results and a diagnosis is the scariest part of the whole process. Once you know what you are dealing with and can start treatment, if necessary, it does get easier, I promise!

Stay in touch through this forum. We know what you’re going through and can understand and support you. Try to do something you enjoy to distract yourself and stop you ‘over thinking’. Good luck tomorrow. Xx

Any news hoohah? I hope they are taking good care of you? 


I agree with you that venting on here is very theraputic! :slight_smile:

Forgot to add that instead of seeing the guy who did the aspirations etc last week, I saw a Breast Surgeon who specialises in prosthetics. Is this normal?


I need to gen up on the people involved in this stuff don’t I? so that I dont get into a frenzy for nothing. 

Hoohaa - (spelt it right this time!) I wouldn’t read too much into the fact that you saw a plastic surgeon instead of the previous consultant. These people tend to work in teams and you see whoever is covering that day’s appointments.


Do ring your BCN (Breast care nurse - the Macmillan nurse you were introduced to?!) as she will be able to answer your questions. Also you can ring the number on this website or the Macmillan one.


I know exactly how stressful this time of year can be in school, I am an HLTA in a small primary school. If you can just get through this next week - can you swap PPA with someone, to let you go to your appointment? - at least that will show that you are not taking the **** and are TRYING to work in spite of everything. Two weeks off soon!!


My dx was in Feb 2012, ‘just’ had WLE/SNB, rads and double hormone therapies, so I’m more or less back to normal now, but, like many others, I try to offer some support to newcomers like yourself, in appreciation for the support that got me through!


There is a thread on here for people who work in schools. Let me see if I can find the link:



Nobody’s posted on it for a while, but it maybe of interest to you.  


I hope you get your answers soon and they can start treating whatever it is. It’s good they are being thorough and not fobbing you off! Hang in there, it WILL get better! x