Feeling very nervous

Hi all

I have an appointment with the breast clinic tomorrow having visited the Drs 10 days ago about a large lump I have had for a couple of months. My breasts have always felt quite lumpy and get sore around my period so I waited till after my period to see if it went but it didn’t. Then in the time it took for me to get a Drs appt my nipple has changed in appearance in that it has gone flat as though it is thinking of inverting.

The dr agreed she could feel ‘the area’ I was concerned about and because I mentioned other symptoms such as the nipple plus a couple of months ago I had a spell of 3 or 4 days where I kept feeling a bee sting like pain on and off in the same breast she was going to refer me for tests.

I am so worried about every aspect of the appointment. I’m not good with medical things and in the past have fainted just having a blood test done! I believe mammograms can be painful anyway and as my breast feels really sore just touching the lump I am dreading how painful the mammogram will be with really firm pressure on the same place. I am obviously concerned that as the lump feels quite big (about 6cm to me) and the other symptoms too all add up to it not being something and nothing.

My mind has really gone into overdrive and gone beyond worrying about if it is cancer and also what if it is cancer but that is has spread elsewhere and cannot be treated. I have been having all kinds of horrendous thoughts and really don’t know how I’ve got through the past 10 days of worry but am paranoid that this just the beginning and there will be far worse things to worry about after tomorrow.

Sorry to waffle and I know that at the moment I don’t really have a specific concern but I just can’t get a control over my brain wandering!


Good luck with your appointment tomorrow .Its a horrible anxious time and most of us on the forum have been there.Mammogram can be uncomfortable ,may be worth taking some painkillers an hour before if you are sore anyway . They may also do ultrasound which is fine .If they are unsure what they are liking at on the scans they may do a biopsy which involves taking a sample under local anaesthetic with a needle or similar ,it doesn’t hurt but it is a bit uncomfortable .Do you have done time to go with you for moral support,the appointments can take a while.Jill

That should be someone to go with you to appointment ,my phone seems to have a mind of its own tonight !!

Thanks for the reply Jill. Yes my boyfriend is coming with me. Presume I’ll have various tests on my own then he can come in for any result which my mind will probably not be able to compute.

i had wondered about painkillers…ibuprofen?? I’ll have to speak to a pharmacist first to check OK to take them in addition to some other medication I’m already on.

Im not expecting to get much sleep tonight ?

They should be able to give you a good idea of what is going on today and hopefully reassure you ,if they do a biopsy (if there is any uncertainty they will) it takes about a week for the results .Its very hard to take in what they are saying when you are anxious.Im off for my first post treatment mammogram today so I will be sitting nervously at breast clinic too !!

The thought of having another week’s wait for results makes me wonder how I’ll manage to get up and go to work each day! My immediate worry is getting through the tests because I’m so useless at anything medical. If it’s possible to faint whilst standing up having a mammogram then there’s every likelihood that that is what will happen.

my tummy is churning like mad already but I’ve managed to make myself eat some breakfast.

hope your tests go well today Jill.

It’s truly horrible but they are used to women being very anxious about the tests ,if you faint you faint ,they will pick you up sit you down and do it when you feel better.Try and remember to breathe it’s easy to hold your breath when you feel anxious and that makes you feel faint.Just got back from my mammogram they said it can be up to 4 weeks for the results how **** is that???It is very hard to function when you have something like this hanging over you .

Unfortunately got the news I didn’t want to hear, I do have breast cancer. Back next Monday for biopsy results.  Managed to get through all the tests no problem, seem to have gone on auto pilot mode.

No not the news you wanted to hear,many many of us on this site who understand totally how it feels,it’s a terrible shock even when you do half suspect it.Hard to believe now but it you will find a way to cope with this ,there is lots of advice and support on the forum.There are a number of threads on the Diagnosed with breast cancer section of the site where people are talking if you want to join us .When you get the results of biopsy you will have a clearer idea of what happens next and when.There is a lot they can do to successfully treat breast cancer now .