Feeling worried.

Was diagnosed April last year.  1 tumour and pre cancerous cells.  For the last few weeks I’ve been having back pain, between shoulder blades. Went to see GP who said shouldn’t worry as thought it was stomach ulcer and gave me tablets.  I asked if there could be any connection with Breast Cancer but was told no.  Tablets not taken back pain away and now I’m getting out of breath easily, developed silly cough too.

tried to book appointment with surgeon but she’s on holiday all of August.  My original onc works elsewhere now and new onc, I saw in May, was dreadful.  Didn’t even introduce himself and hadn’t got correct info.  No Faith in him at all.

Dont know if I’m being concerned over nothing or if I should try to see someone else?  



If it is worrying you and the problems are not going away worth trying to see someone else - or perhaps go back to your GP and tell them the tablets have not sorted it out plus new symptoms.  I had a problem with pains around back/below shoulders - GP thought it was muscular but after about a month when they weren’t clearing up sent me for an X-ray at the drop-in clinic because of the bc history.  X-ray all clear (seen by onc as well as GP) which was a relief.  It probably was muscular in my case - I had been doing exercise but avoiding doing too much with arms/using weights because of advice I had been given on risk of lymphoedema.  After this problem I got some different advice and some suggestions for exercise I could do for arms/back etc including pilates - which has helped a great deal.  My GP was excellent (and once the X-ray was done it was easy for the onc to see it because it was on the computer system). Hope you can get some help too - not great to be worrying about it.  



Try to see someone else. You are entitled to seek a second opionion. It may well be nothing at all but if you feel unhappy about this why take a chance that something may have been missed? Doctors are only human and with the best will in the world they do sometimes get things wrong. You know your own body. I went to see my doctor with what I had read could be a symptom of cancer on just one side of my breast. I asked “could it be cancer” and I was told that it was nothing to worry about. Only a few months later I had my routine mammogram and I was informed that not only was cancer present but it was in the side of my breast that I had been concerned about. Please go, if only to put your mind at rest.

Thank you both for your advice. I am going to ask for a second opinion as you’re right, I can’t keep worrying about it.  It’s silly as I was really positive for the first 12 months and now I’m letting this take over my life.  So tomorrow I will book an appointment and get my thoughts back on a more positive track.  Really appreciate your support. Kate