Feelings on finishing treatment

I just wanted to share how i feel now i have finished treatment. It feels really good but also a bit scary as I grew to love the hospital I was treated at and will miss it. Also all the fellow patients and staff know what u are going through. A smile or a nod from one cancer patient to another speaks a thousand words. Now i feel i must do my bit to help those like me at the start of their journeys. I would be really interested to know how others coped with the end of treatment. I feel i could burst into tears also sometimes as it all sinks in when you get quiet moment to reflect on whats happened. Its a bonkers journey isnt it? But i’m glad to be alive and thankful for this site. Please do share your thoughts and experiences on finishing treatment. Dee Xxx

Hi Dee


I finished treatment 5 years ago now and I can remember feeling SO relieved that active treatment was finally over and done with. I then had to begin my reconstruction journey (total nightmare!) and it was that which caused me to feel very low indeed and for a long time too.


The journey is bonkers I agree and to this day, I cannot quite believe that I went through something so mentally and physically exhausting ( and came out the other side!).


I too am grateful to be alive now and I do feel that this experience has given me a real inner strength at times.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that those around me really got the gist of the hellish journey I endured and I guess they never will. It is never spoken about and as long as I am alive and well, there is no need to worry. For me, those memories are fading but they will never disappear.


Wishing you good health and peace.

Naz x




So agree Naz its seems almost surreal doesn’t it. But i’m glad that it has made you stronger. At times it can be frustrating because people think you’re back to the old you. That girl is long gone and a new grateful, wiser and brighter girl takes her place. I have been elected as spokesperson for young women with BC at my NHS trust and i intend to teach out to women who were as frightened as I was. Friends and relations will never truly understand what a diagnosis of cancer brings. But thats ok how would they? Be glad we have that inner glow and knowledge knowing from here on in we can take anything life throws at us. Love and hugs Dee xxx

Hi all
I couldn’t agree more to all that’s previously been written.
I too have just completed active treatment of chemo, surgery and radiotherapy.
I guess now I feel elated, free and am defiantly more out spoken than before.
It’s nice to be able to walk in town and not be an obvious " chemo patient " as was said to me once.
I agree about the little things as well, I was walking the other day and stood watching the grass blowing in the breeze, made me smile anyway ??
Anyway now it onwards and upwards as I keep saying.
Karen x

So good to hear such positive feelings from everyone. As ever the girls on here see you through no matter what?xx

Like you Dee I really loved everyone at the hospital and have met some truly lovely people, I actually looked forward to going to rads each day and having a natter with the people going through it with you and the wonderful nurses who treat you, we opened a bottle of champagne on my last day and it was also our eldest sons birthday so we raised a toast to us all which made us all feel emotional! It’s been one hell of a journey but not one I feel I can bow out of and will always be checking in and helping others going through what we have these past few months, I know I was searching for anyone who could give me guidance in the early days and of we can help anyone along the way then that really makes me feel good ? I’m raising a glass of wine to us all now , cheers ladies! ?

I wholeheartedly agree Kim. If we can help others going through this journey as we have been helped then that makes me smile too?