Feet Numbness - 2yrs on!!

girls, I am having tests as I have severe numbness of both feet and GP thinks it may be Vit b problem. I have seen some info about patients being more prone to this if they have previously had certain types of chemo. I finished treatment 2yrs ago but wonder if anyone can help here? Called Peripheral Neuropathy I think - GP hasnt mentioned this - it is just my own investigations!!!

Anyone else experienced problems so long after chemo ?

Vez xx

Hello Vezza…only just seen your post.

I’m 17 months on from completing chemo - 4FEC and 4TAX. After the 3rd Taxotere I noticed numbness in my feet. My oncologist said it was periphal neuropathy caused by Taxotere, but still gave the go-ahead for Tax No. 4, which made it worse.

I still have it, and I suspect it is permanent. Oncologist said if it is still present after 3 years, then it won’t get better. :((

I also suffer bad cramps in my feet, particularly at night, I don’t know if this is related to the numbness, I will ask next time I am at the hospital.