Felling a little freaky

Felling a little freaky

Felling a little freaky Hi all

I just wanted to get this out in the open so please don’t feel obliged to read this!

I’ve been on Arimidex for about 4 months now, it’s been horrendous and the side effects have been too much. I saw my Onc a week ago and he has stopped them for now, but unfortunately he feels that some of the problems I have been experiencing are not connected with the tablets!

He took more bloods and is sending me for a Brain scan, Bone scan & DXA scan tomorrow.

I’ve always been one of the positive gang but to be honest I’m starting to freak just a little over all these extra tests. I’m sure my Onc does not think there is a problem but is just being extra cautious. After my initial diagnosis where I was kept in the dark until they finally gave me my dagnosis (after about 3 months), I have to say doubt is, for the first time, lurking within me!

Anyway it’s nice to be able to get it off my chest and know that people will not moan for me being just slightly doubtful rather than 100% positive - not that I’m changing my stand on that, positivity was what got me through my treatment.

Lynn x

Hi Lynn,

Please don’t apologise for not being 100% positive all the time, especially now you have the agonising wait for extra tests/results etc. I have fell into that trap too, that becos I have been really positive all the way through this wretched disease, everyone now expects nothing less of me, and it’s b****y hard some of the time!!

Try not to worry too much - easier said than done I know, but am sure your onc is just erring on the side of caution like you say, and that everything will prove to be OK.

Remember we’re all here for you any time you want to get things of your chest. Let us know how things go. Thinking of you.

Love and hugs, Jean xxxx

Hi Jean

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement, they were very much appreciated.

Will let you know how I get on.

Luv Lynn x

you dont have to apologise for being human and scared.sure we all can identify the feeling despite buckets of positivity.I feel similar to you as l am waiting for results of tests on my liver- when got recalled for 2nd MRI in 2 wks l lost the plot!! so allow yourself to wobble sometimes as thats ok.!hope your results come back fine.
sharon x

Hi Lynn

your not alone when it comes to freaking out, I had a phone call yesterday from the hospital asking me to come in for a heart scan, all i heard was scan and then i was shaking thinking they have found something on the scan, which is stupid as i havent had a scan recently and knew that i would be getting the call about the heart scan as it needs to be done as ive started Herceptin. As per my other posts I am now more freaked out about things since being given the all clear last month. Ive always been positive all the way through chemo but now im feeling like an alien in my body with all these emotions and thoughts.
But as everyone on this forum will tell you its normal to have freaky thoughts. Lets make a pact and try and get back to being more positive.