Femara and side effects

Hi everyone

I have been changed from Tamoxifen to Femara and was just wondering what other side effects I can look forward to?

I have the usual hot sweats, night sweats, weight gain etc from Tamoxifen…

Hoping to hear some good news!!

J xx

Hi J,
I haven’t been on Tamoxifen so can’t comment on its side effects but I started Femara in April and although I had a change in the texture of my hair almost immediately the only other problems I’ve had are the sweats and some insomnia. As you have these already lets hope the change over is with little effect on your body now.
Hattie xx

Hi Poannie

I’ve taken Femara.

Like Hattie, it had an effect on my hair; it thinned quite a bit.

Other than that, hot flushes (but not as bad as when on Tamoxifen a few years earlier) and a bit of joint pain when I started, but this went in a couple of weeks.

All-in-all, not too bad.



I have just started Femara.

My first observations would be that it was difficult to find a chemist who actually had a supply of the pills.

I already have hot flushes and night sweats since chemo - so have to count that one out.

I’m going to take the pill in the evening.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t thin my hair…it’s only just started growing back!

Hello all, Ive been on Femara for 6 weeks,cant make judgement on hair growth as its only 3mnths since chemo,but otherwise not too bad. BCN said take it at bedtime,that way you will sleep through any nausea,this works till a horrendous sweat wakes you up! Agree with you saying about difficulty obtaining it,my local Boots said they werent allowed to order it(?)Sainsbury pharmacy were more helpful by ringing round other branches but couldnt track any down,think its a price thing,they cost around £80 p.month so chemists dont keep a stock. A question for any one,is it possible that the Adcal3
tablets are just as likely to make you feel sickly as the Femara?
Poannie;are you the lady from Ashton-u-Lyne,are you under Tameside?
cheerio and good luck,my surgeon said it`s the best tolerated tablet.
love mags x

Woody24 - Yes I am under Tameside - are you? I’m lucky that I’ve built up a good relationship with my local chemist (Mossley Road) - They are now aware that I’ll need this every month and they are going to be ordering it in for me…

Hi Poannie,
I dont really live near you, Im in droylsden.Are you under Mr. Ellenbogen and vanessa? I find her an absolute treasure and Im going to the drop-in at Darnton Rd.this morning at 11am,got a few
quesstions for her,I bet her heart sinks when she sees me coming.
Are you feeling well on your femara,glad you found an obliging chemist,what district is Mossley Rd? Are you experiencing any nausea
and if so,is it a.m or p.m? Hope to bump into you sometime at clinic,
I`m 57,very short(chemo curly)silver hair,pretty slim and always got my hubby with me. Take care love Mags x

I’m one week in and the night sweats are getting worse.
I’ve also turned into Ms Irritability…this could be from rads fatigue…

Sorry Woody24 - I meant I live in Tameside, not being treated there - I’m lucky enough to be under Christies!!