Femara/Letrazole supplies

Hi lovely ladies, I was started on Femara 4 weeks ago and am coming up to getting a new prescription. However, I have seen an article in the press about people being unable to get any of these pills, due to distribution problems i.e they are being sold abroad as manufacturers get more money.
Just wondering if any of you had had problems getting a supply and what happened.

Hi Jane,
My pharmacist told me to put a prescription is as soon as l collected the previous prescription, because he said he sometimes finds them hard to get, and would sooner be a month ahead!!
Sandra x

Hi Jane

I’ve been taking femara for nearly two years and until a few months ago I did have problems. Sometimes I had to phone around the local chemists, in a panic because I was down to my last couple of tablets. My GP then started giving me a prescription for 2 months at a time, so now I always make sure that I have a months supply in the cupboard when I get my next supply.

Good luck on the little tablets. I’ve had no problems whatsoever.


I’ve also had problems getting femara - the worst when I signed up at a local supermarket’s chemist’s prescription ordering service. (they failed to order it at all, and when I queried it, they phoned around and couldn’t get it for another fortnight - slightly longer than their 3 day promise!)
As I live more than 3 miles from our doctor, I can get the surgery to order it, and so far have had no problems with them. I’ve heard that they are not allowed to order this specific drug just-in-case, but only against an actual prescription. As there are two of us at the surgery who need it, they got a duplicate prescription once, and now have one on the shelf, using our prescriptions to order one to replace it for the next person. I still allow extra time for the repeat prescription to be ordered and of course the 8 mile trip to the surgery is in the opposite direction to my place of work and other shops, but I’ve had no problems recently.
In short I endorse the advice to get your repeat prescription very early and to cultivate a friendly chemist.
Also thank you for the post - it’s reminded me I’ve got to put in my final order (hurrah!)