Femara - mouth & teeth problems

Hello All

I wonder if anyone can help me? It has been nearly 7 years since I was diagnosed with BC and had the 5 years of Tamoxifen and then went on Femara last April and I have been okay. But since December of last year it has been one thing after another.

In early December I had a problem with my ears, I then went down with a heavy cold, followed by a chest infection. Went back to work just before Christmas and on Boxing Night went down with a sickness bug(no one else got it), ending up in hospital as I was so dehydrated, signed off work for another week.

Went back to work in January and since then I have a really bad mouth with sores on the inside of my mouth(the GP thought thought it could be thrush) I have had blood tests and nothing showed up. I have been to the dentist as part of one tooth had broken away. He gave me antibiotics(2nd lot in 3 months)and my GP gave me tablets to get rid of the thrush.

I have now what looks like an abcess on the gum near my tooth that had broken and am on another lot of antibiotics but its not gone down yet. The abcess and tooth does not hurt at all although the abcess has “burst” and I am wondering what goinging to appear when the tooth is taken out on Wednesday. I also have really sore and cracked lips and also the thrush.

I will add and I think this is part of the problem but I very stressed out at work and am not sleeping very well. As my husband keeps telling me I have had no time off since last October apart from when I was off sick and he thinks I need a holiday? I am also on amitripyline for several years, a mild dose for my arm and this has never been a problem.

Any ideas or experiences of the above?