Femera - experienced side effects


My mother has been prescribed Femera but is too scared of the side effects to take it and has turned to me for advice.

Can anyone share their experiences of taking Femera ?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.

Solosmummy x

Hi Solosmummy
My Mum has been taking femera since February this year - she seems to have few side effects although she too really hates having to take any medication at all but thankfully she does realise that it is a vital part of her ongoing treatment - as far as she can see since taking femera she has felt more tired (although this could also be having to have x2 surgeries a few months ago and also getting older!), she has also had trouble from time to time with a tickly dry cough and she said her mouth has also felt dry at times, but apart from that she has so far luckily been fairly well.
Hope this helps and hope all goes well for you and your Mum as I do know what a worry it must be for you.
Esbee x

Hi Solosmummy

I am 65 and have been taking Femara since January. The most noticeable side effect for me is stiffness in my joints. However it is perfectly manageable and really only affects me when I get up after I have been sitting for a while. I was told this would likely happen. I also get mild hot flushes but not so bad as when I went through the menopause. Everybody is different but I can honestly say it has not been too bad at all for me.

I have been taking femera for 2 years.I know everyone reacts differently but i cannot say the se’s have been too bad.my main problem are the hot flushes,but nothing worse than menopause.Unfortuneatly the only way to find out how something will affect you is to try it out.
I am sure your Mum will find the side effects are not too bad.It is scary starting on new treatments, but the advantages of taking Femera and holding things at bay make it worthwhile.
Good luck with all her treatment.