Fertility - How do you know your still fertile


I am currently on Zoladex and tamoxifen and was wondering what happens when you come of it and how you know if your still fertile or not. Do you just have to wait for your periods to come back (or not) or is there a test they can do? Does anyone know? Finger-crossed I would like to have children in the future if my ovaries have survived.


Hi Emma,

If you get any answers on this q then let me know as I’m interested in this too. I’ll ask at my next clinic appointment if you dont have any success.

Hi Em

I’m in a similar position to you. Before I started my chemo back in July 2007 I was given an internal scan and had blood tests at which time all my reproductive organs and hormone levels were fine. I was then given zoladex to switch off my ovaries whilst I went through chemo in the hope that this would help to preserve them and hence my fertility. I finished chemo right at end of October and am still awaiting the return of my periods which stopped after the first lot of chemo. I’m due to go back to the fertility clinic in July for an internal scan and blood test to check my hormone levels. I have no idea at the moment whether things will go back to normal and haven’t had a period yet. I guess it’s just a case of wait and see until I have the tests in July.


Hi Em

You might find this info helpful as well.

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Hi, I’ll be going through a similar thing once i finish my chemo, zoladex and tam.

I asked my IVF doc about this, and he said that you can go to the chemist and buy a test that checks your temperature (down there, i presume) - which checks your PR levels. There’s also some LH urine test as well, apparently. That’s about all I know at the moment, but would be interested to hear what anyone else knows!

Good luck with it!