Fertility treatment and BC


Just wondering if there is potential link between BC and fertility treatments. I have asked doctors and they say ‘no’, but cancer research is a long way from being completed so who knows.

I went on clomind in Feb 2005 and was DX Dec 2008.

is there a link?


Hello Karen

I started IVF in January this year and found a lump in my right breast on the night of egg collection which was in february, I was 35 (now 36yrs old). It turned out to be breast cancer and I had to have a masectomy and 8 cycles of chemo. I have asked many people if there is a connection and they no, but I am beginning to wonder.

Lots of love

Emma and Karen,
I had one cycle of IVF drugs. I suffered Ovarian Hyperstimulation as a result and had to quit treatment after one injection. I am convinced that this was partly responsible for Bc. I have got a family history though. Julie

Hello Julie

I am beginning to think there is a connection as I have no family history of breast cancer. I asked the embryologist if they had seen breast developments before with IVF and they said no.

Lots of love

I know a couple of people who have had children through IVF and they are fine, plus quite a few celebrities seem to have done it. JLO for one I believe. I think the idea is probably much like the idea that the Mirena Coil can give you breast cancer. I have spoken to a few doctors and they said it wasn’t possible as the hormones released are minimal. I have decided to keep mine in as feel that there is always going to be someone saying this gives you cancer or that etc etc.

Also Norma, you say that you started IVF in January and your Cancer was dx the next month, unless I am mistaken but Cancer takes months, sometimes years to get to a lump that could be felt, hence the fact that they do routine mammograms every three years. Hope this helps. I could be wrong in that Cancer can begin and grow to the size of a lump that quickly, if so I apologise in advance.


Hello Jules

Thank you for your comments. My lump came up very quickly, on the night of my egg collection I had had a bath and had a good feel and there was nothing there. I was woken in the following morning (by a guardian angel I think), a few hours later with my fingertips on my breast to find a significant lump (size of a satsuma - sideways). I think mine was connected to ivf for it to come up so quick.

Lots of love

God that is bloody scary. Have you told your doctor that the cancer appeared in this space of time, and if so what did he say.

ps sorry that the cancer robbed you of trying for a baby, its so unfair what life throws at us isnt it.

Hugs Jules xxxx

I went through 3 cycles of treatment in order to donate eggs to somebody else. I remember being vaguely aware that by doing so, this can increase your chances of getting breast cancer very slightly. My breast cancer was HER2 positive and not hormonal so I’m not convinced that going through the egg donation had anything to do with it.



Thank you for replying to my post. I’m still not convinced, altho like Ruby, I’m HER2 and supposedly not hormonal. But my ONC did say, that they couldn’t rule out that my pregnancy hormones didn’t have a role to play.

Do you think there is a study into this?

Hi There,

I think that anything that puts lots of hormones in your body may be dangerous. I have no family history of BC and was Dx at 38 er pos. I had been on the Contraceptive pill for 20 yrs with a couple of short breaks to have 2 kids. Lots of ladies on here have been DX while pregnant or just after also.
Love Andrea xx

I am one of those ladies who have been DX a few months after my baby was born. :frowning: