Hello all,

I have been on here a while,joining in with other threads but this is my first one!  I was just wondering if anyone in a similar situation?  I am 28 and was diagnosed at the end of jan this year with invasive ductal breast cancer,grade 3,ER+ and HER2+.  Have had two lumpectomys to clear it and one lymph node was positive.  I am now due to start chemo on 1st April but am still awaiting appointment to see fertility specialist to see if we can freeze eggs and zoladex injections to protect ovaries during treatment.  I will also be on herceptin for a yr and tamoxafin for 5-10yrs.  I have a 20month old little girl and would like her to have a brother or sister at some point, but most of all be here to watch her grow up!  Keeping positive but a lot to think about! xxx

I had my appointment but was advised funding was not available in my area because I already have 1 child, I was told if I wanted to go ahead with freezing eggs I would delay my chemo by about 6 weeks which they did not really want, I am having the zolvadex every 4 weeks to try to preserve but priority number one has to be getting you better especially for your little girl, being positive is the key good luck with your first session :slight_smile:

I had my zolvadex at my pre assessment 6 days before my first chemo it’s a little pellet they inject in your tummy takes only a second and they do it every 4 weeks, I am having my chemo before my op so not sure about post op issues, I have some night sweats sometimes which I think is a side effect of the zolvadex but don’t have a temperature, take care

OK that’s all good to know thank you. Hope all your treatment goes well x

Hello ladies,

at my first chemo meeting I was told that they hadn’t figured out how to effectively freeze eggs yet; or rather they could freeze them, but not defrost them!  The oncologist said that they could only do fertilized eggs - no use to me as I am currently without a fertilizer!  But that they were reluctant to even do that as it would delay the treatment for a couple of months & it was more important that they got on with things.  He also said that the chances of an early menopause brought on by chemo would be between 5 & 10%, which I think in medical terms is quite negligible.  I’ve finished chemo in Feb, but had regular periods up unto after treatment 5 of 6.  So i think it’s really a matter of chance how your eggs come out of it.

Good luck with everything anyway; looking back now, I think I rushed a lot of decisions, so you’re doing the right thing weighing everything up.


It seems like I am in a similar position to you. I’m 33 & I was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive ductal BC in March. I’ve since had a lumpectomy & SNB followed by full auxiliary clearance and further shaving of my margins a few days ago. I’m awaiting to see if my margins are clear next week then it will be chemo and rads. I was referred to our local centre for embryo freezing which after a lot of debating we decided to go ahead with and I started my injections yesterday. It’s such a lot to think about while going through all this treatment and uncertainty with results. We don’t have any children yet so decided despite the risks and possible delay to chemo we’d give it a go.
I hope all goes well for you. The waiting and the decision-making is the worst part. It’s good to be able to connect with others in a similar situation and feel we’re not alone. Have a good weekend,

Hi all,yes it is all a lot to think about on top of everything else going on! Janejanis its good that you’ve been able to get the ball rolling on the egg freezing just after you’re op. I hope it goes well. We couldn’t have eggs frozen as too risky. It would have delayed treatment by 6-8wks & by the time we got an app with the fertility specialist my op had been 5 wks ago! Also the hormone injections would have added to problems as I am er & her2 positive. So I have had the zoladex injection to protect overies & am day 9 of first chemo. Hope all goes well for everyone xxx