fibroadenoma pain

Hi just some advise, not sure if i should be worried, im 25 and i had a lump removed from my right brest 3years ago it had been scanned and was 98% change benign but i had it removed as im a worry for piece of mind and it was fine just a fibroadenoma, just before the op i felt one in my left breat but different location at the bottom underneth and ask the doctor to feel and he sed yes you have a lump but when do we stop when we have removed all ur breast, so i put it to the back of my mind. it has never been tested, the one i had removed i had no pain but i get pain with this one, i can go months wthout pain or then i van get it 10 times in a day. its like its on a nerve, its a sharp tabbing pain that turns into a bun n wears off, only lastng perhaprp 5seconds. it has been quite alot recently and now i have a tneder dull pain when i touch my ribs around that area. my issue is im going travelling for 6 weeks and i cant get in at my doctors!! any advise? has anyone else had pain with fibroademonma or should i be concerned its something more serious

I would ring the doctors back and explain that you have a lump in your breast and that you need to be seen before you go travelling (maybe kick up a bit of a stink or ask if you can go and sit and wait to see someone). I think the doctor who felt it when you had your other one was not very sympathic, but he was obviously not overly worried by what he felt, but I think you need to try and see a doctor just to put your mind at rest.
Take care