Fibroadenoma Can anybody tell me are fibroadenomas with calcifications precancerous?
I had grade3 stage1 er- cancer back in 2004,had surgery,chemo, radiotherapy,and am in remisson.
On two check up mammograms these fibroadenomas have shown up in the other breast
Bilateral mastectomy has been loosley suggested,really not sure what to do?

Hi, I had a fibroadenoma with calcification removed back in about 2001. At the time I was told it was nothing to worry about as sometimes this happens. Quite often calfications are a sign of DCIS but I was told this was not the case for me. In 2004 I was diagnosed as having pre-cancerous cells in the breast where the calification was found and I can’t help but wonder whether this was somehow connected. I had these cells and more fibroadenomas removed via wide local excision - no actual malignancy was found.

Over the years, I have had between 30-40 fibroadenomas removed from both breasts and 7 months ago I opted to have a preventative mastectomy. It was just as well because the histology report revealed I had pre-cancerous cells in both breasts along with very rare tumours and the early stages of DCIS. My surgeon said it wasn’t a matter of “if” I got cancer but when. I am very relieved that I decided to have my breasts removed. I would advise you to keep an eye on things and definitely look into the possibility of a bilateral mastectomy as a preventative option. I always hear the words “personal choice” where a mastectomy is involved but I also think the words “realistic choice” should be applied in many circumstances as well.

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hi, iam new to this site.12 months ago i was refered to the breast clinic with a pea size lump in my left breast.i was examined given an ultrasound and had an results came back as a fibroadenoma.3 months later i went back because i thought the lump was getting bigger and i asked them to remove it.i was told the lump was the same size and they would not remove.iti was horrified to learn that the fna came back c1 which means inadequate cell sample but they were happy it was benign.for the last 6 months ive been checking the lump every day and night for any so scared the hospital got it wrong.i want to go back to my gp but feel i’ll be wasting their time.why won’t they remove it.all i want is peace of mind.

thank you darkfairy,Im still in such a quadry about what to do ,Im due for my yearly check up mamogram in a couple of weeks and im really worried that they will say there are a few more calicfications and fibroadenomas,if they say its nothing to worry about i know I shall feel alone,. I want to do what is best for my future without overreacting but I wish the medics would help me make the right decision,it all seems to be a grey area,but the worry just nags away.I think it depends what team you have looking after you,thats what is so difficult,who is right and who is wrong.I feel sometimes im just waiting for it to return.