Hi I am 16 years old and I have a huge Fibroadenoma on my breast, when I lay down you can see the bumb of it sticking out from the boob (kind of like a little mountain). By huge I mean about an inch and grows even bigger because the hormones in my body(or that’s what the doctor told me). I had a biopsy done on it and they put a little metal chip in it in December. The biopsy came back benine and they told me it was perfectly okay to leave alone. But, recently it has been hurting a lot and I can feel it growing and shrinking with my menstral flows. It burns around it and my mom personally thinks I should get it removed. My mom had a very tiny one she got removed when she was a teenager and she said it was really painful. I’m just wondering if I should remove it or not and if it will be a huge scar? I really don’t want it to be like I have a chunk removed from my boob:/

Also, my family has had many generations with breast cancer like my grandma , great, great great and so on… My mom has not had it yet but has had a fibroadenoma. so I am also worried that it could lead to Breast cancer (sorry I don’t know much about it I am only 16 & this is just the start of my search)


I just wanted to give you an advice , i’m 27years old now but when i was diagnostifed with fibroadenomas i was only 20-21years my fibroadenomas was 4.7cm and i’ve had really to much painful i was so worried about it so i was operated , after all these years today i went to doctor and she told me again on that side that i have a fibroadenoma 0.6cm but it’s nothing to get worrie everything it’s okay she asked me if my grandma , my mum , or my sisters have canceer and i told to her NO so she told me You don’t have to get worrie no more time Fibroadenomas on 10% of womens they dissapeard , and on 90 %  stay on that size . Only fibroadenomas that have size more than 5.00cm must get operated . So don’t get worry just be happy it’s normal just don’t think all the time about that because it hurts more on your mind :)) And I’m thinking that all these Fibroadenomas are getting grow up when you get stressed to much :(( So don’t do it .

Thank you for the response!!! Yeah I am learning to live with it! My doctor out me on birth control to see if it would regulate my hormones and I hope it works:) thank you for the advice !!!