Hello, this is my first post, so hope I’m doing it right!

I’m 28, and found a lump in my breast - 5 days later, I was in the breast clinic. The consultant said he thought it was a cyst which they drained. However, when they did the ultrasound they also found another lump which the consultant described as “worrying”. They did a core biopsy and gave me the initial results the same day - it came back as a 4 (possibly malignant). I was told that the full results would take 3 days, and they were fairly sure they would come back the same.

After 4 days of complete torture, I went back for the results, expecting the worst, only to be told that they thought it was a benign fibroadenoma, but that the cells were changing. I was told its my decision whether to get it removed or not.

Obviously I am sooo relieved, I cannot even begin to imagine how I would be feeling if it hadn’t been good news. However, I still have this feeling of paranoia, that maybe they missed something, or that maybe it will turn into cancer. The consultant said it looked like a cancer tumour, and behaves like one, but the results say its benign. Am I just being paranoid?

Has anyone got any advice on getting lumps removed? I don’t want an operation unless its really needed, but its freaking me out a bit, so I think I might have it done.

Sorry for waffling on, I know I am one of the very lucky ones, but the last two weeks have been quite stressful and I’m still feeling quite wobbly.


Hi Julia

Firstly, welcome to the forums. I am posting a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication about fibroadenomas which you may find helpful to read:

If you wish to talk your concerns over with someone in confidence please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes


This is my first post too.
I’m 36 and found a lump in my breast on Sunday.
Attended my GP yesterday and she is going to refer me to the breast clinic at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and should get an appointment within the next couple of weeks.
My GP seems to think it is fibroadenoma and is not overly concerned.
I’m worried sick, my mum died last year very suddenly to Lung Cancer and find myself ill with worry and panic.
Can anybody offer any advice ?

Hi Julia

If I were in your shoes I’d have the lump removed as I’d want to be 100% sure the lump is nothing and they will biopsy it when it is removed anyway. You can never be too careful as many of us with breast cancer have found out. Not quite sure what your doctor means by saying that the cells are changing and that would worry me slightly and make me even more determined to have it removed.

Very best of luck

Get it removed chica. Thats the one sure fire way of knowing for certain. They told me mine was benign…but it lied on all the tests. Ive finished all my treatment chica, I was 29 when I went up the unit, but i would deffo push to have it removed. Better out than in

i have just been diagnosed with same - mine is not showing signs of changing but consultant said in rare cases it can do. so for me its a no brainer - i would worry myself sick. i understand its a very minor op - one night in hospital with minimal scar/pain. i don’t relish an op but its by far the lesser of two evils.


I went to the breast clinic last June and was diagnosed with a fibreadenoma. The Consultant decided to do a mammogram as I said that I wanted it removed. The mammogram showed high grade DCIS and my journey started from there- surgery, radiotherapy etc.

I would have the lump removed because I would always be asking myself questions/ what if? etc

Hello Julia - I agree with everyone - get it taken out.
I had a fibroadenoma diagnosed and confirmed at two subsequent mammograms AND fine needle aspiration and biopsy (this is over a 9 year period).
Told not to worry, its rare they turn into anything sinister, then 18 months ago, they said oops! advanced cancer, in ribs and spine.
Have had chemo and finishing 20 shots of radiotherapy but i am very aware it is palliative only.
Dont let them persuade you otherwise, get shot of it and you wont have any worries.
Best of luck and take care, biddy x

Thanks for all the comments, its really good to hear that other people have had to make the same decision. Definitely going to have it removed.

One thing I was unsure about was the consultant said I had hyperplasia. What exactly is this? I read a leaflet on it which said it could increase your chances of getting breast cancer, and yet he said at the time that there shouldn’t be any increased risk. Is this what he meant when he said the cells were changing and should I be insisting on getting more tests?

Kate and Biddy - I really feel for you. Your messages have made me 100% certain to get rid of it. I really hope that your treatments are working.


hyperplasia is a lot of cells dividing and if it is called atypical hyperplasia it is a lot of cells dividing that look abnormal. I had this kind of hyperplasia but no one described what it was or told me that it is associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer, by about times 4 more likely. So if they had explained it to me I would have been even keener to have the lump out. I didn’t understand what they were doing as they wrote letters to my GP but didn’t copy me in.

It’s great to be wise in retrospect but I want to know everything now. Knowledge is power. I think I may have mentioned elsewhere that my definitely benign lump turned out to be definitely cancer with DCIS around it. I was definitely cross when I had spent 6 months complaining about it before it was removed


Just had my appointment through for the operation - its 3 weeks today. Am relieved as I just want it over with, but after a month or so trying to forget all about it, I’ve now starting to worry about it all over again!

Can anyone tell me how long you usually need off work afterwards? Is an overnight stay required in hospital? I’ve heard that they will do further tests on it (I’m definitely going to ask for this anyway due to the whole “hyperplasia” thing), how long is it before you get the results and are there any follow up appointments afterwards?

Can’t wait for it all to be over with!


Hi Julia
I was told at 24 i had a fibroadenoma at 24 after a biopsy. i was told it was nothing to worry about and should not have it removed. if i could go back i would have insisted on getting it removed, as i am now 38 with secondary breast cancer sorry if that sounds depressing or scary but its true. i have always checked for lumps since my cousin died of breast cancer aged 29, i was 24 at time and so found that 1st lump, as the years passed when i checked my breasts regulary I was never concerned when i felt the fibroadenoma ( at 24 if a consultant tells you its nothing to worry about you dont.) I never actually found a new lump in my breast just a lump under my arm but the original lump was told it was now a cancerous one, so i would deffo get yours removed. Also read jane tomlinsons autobiography and she was told she had a fibroadenoma, nothing to worry about but she insisted she wanted it removed anyway, after it was, she was told it was cancerous after all. So so sorry if this all sounds depressing but i now feel its best to know all possible outcomes and not live totally unaware like me . take care

My core biopsies identified a fibroadenoma in one lymph gland but I’m waiting for the results of Wednesday’s SLN biopsy and next week’s mastectomy for absolute confirmation that it’s benign. Good luck Jules, the waiting is the worst xxx

Hi all,

I am new to this site and would like some opinions.

Two or three years ago, my gynecologist found a small lump on my left chest. After an ultrasound, she did not find anything. A year or two later, my lymph nodes on my left armpit decided to act up and get inflamed whenever it felt like it (still does)… especially in the summer time. Initially, I thought it was nothing and that it was just my gel deodorant because when I switched to powder, the inflammation was less frequent. I’m having second thoughts now…

I am 21 years old now and I have just been diagnosed with a ‘possible’ fibroadenoma on my right breast. Unfortunately, it’s located on the top of my breast and close to my nipple! In addition, I am small chested and my right breast is slightly smaller than my left breast already, so you can only imagine how devastated I am. If I get this removed, it will definitely leave scars. It’s pretty big… I would say around 2 cms and it’s also hard and not fluid, so I don’t think it’s a cyst. I will (hopefully) be getting confirmation this Wednesday on what type of lump it is.

Anyway, like most of you, I have done massive research and would like to share this site with all of you who have benign lumps… so you don’t let your guard down.

I plan on getting my lump removed and analyzed… but will I be getting ahead of myself if I find out that it is the proliferative type and get a bilateral mastectomy? If I do get a bilateral mastectomy, I would like to get a DIEP, however, I think I’m too skinny for that! I’m only 5’4 and 110 lbs. I’ve read about horror stories about breast implants so that option worries me a bit… What would you do if you were in my position?

Thanks in advanced

Hello iamaware,
Good to hear from you on our website. From what you say in your post, and from the link you suggest;’ I am making a guess that you are American.
I think the type of treatment and choices you maybe offered are a little different from those here in the UK.
Until you have had your biopsy results it is really difficult to say what treatment options are in your best interest.
From what you say in your post I am not sure if you have had the chance to talk with a specialist nurse, over here we are called breast care nurses, and someone who, like yourself maybe faced with decisions about surgery would be given the chance to talk with a specialist nurse about the options, their concerns and hopes for the surgery. It maybe an idea for you to ask to speak with a specialist nurse or counselor who could help you with any treatment choices you may need to make.

Very best wishes
Clinical Nurse Specialist

hi iamaware
my name is gem i was diagnosed with the same thing about 4 years ago and when through one hell of an experience, i was 18 at the time.
I had the same issues as you iv got a 4cm scar on one side and one about the same size on the other side of the breast. the surgen who finialy operated on me in the uk was great i took a bikini top in with me so he could mark out where my scar would be, so i could hide it as much as possible. i know how it can be as a young woman not wanting a large scar on show but its better than having the uncertanty of not knowing if its growing and whats happeing with it.

One bit of advise i would give is make sure exactly whats going to be happening to you and make sure everyone is aware whaere the lump is and your notes have been read, i dont mean to put you off i had a very bad experience as i have a lumpy left breast the surgen who opertaed on me opened me up in the wrong place and removed alot of tissue from the wrong side of the breast because he never read my notes correctly over six months the lump ggrew alot so i had no option but to go under the procidure again to remove the correct lump.

I am not trying to scare you just to make you aware of everything that is going on this way your mind will be at rest. my last operation when well i was looked after and the breast care nurses were there to hold my hand all the way they are a total credit to the NHS.

hope this helps let me know how you get on.
gem x x

Hi Jules and everyone on here.

How are you doing Jules, after having the lump removed?

I find myself back on here after just 6 months when I had a strange lump removed from my left breast (see diabetic mastopathy thread) I found a lump in my right breast at the beginning of feb and went straight to my GP. It feels the same as the last one except it’s not at all tender like before, the last one was agony! GP referred me and we agreed that it felt like the same thing as I had before, which turned out to be chronic imflamation condition/ductal mastitis. After 5 weeks of waiting for an appointment I phoned the hospital to be told the GP had marked my referal as ‘routine’, I was livid! I was finally seen on Tuesday there and disappointingly the doc said it’s defo not the same thing as before. He said it’s likely to be a fibroadenoma but had to confirm this with a core biopsy. He was asking if I would like it removed if it IS a fibroadenoma and I said no, as I’d had the other lump removed just 6 months ago. I’ve got to wait 3 weeks for the results, very annoying. Now, reading this thread, I’m thinking I want it removed no matter what it is! I’m 28 and beginning to wonder if I’m doing/eating/drinking something wrong for this to be happening! Paranoia?

Actually, I just don’t know what to think and perhaps there’s no point contemplating until I get the results. The other one came out no bother. I was in as a day patient, took just 2 weeks off work and have an invisible scar, tremendous work! However I can’t help feel I’ll be putting my very understanding employer in an awkward position for more time off. My Mum started chemo and radio on Monday for cervical cancer, and the boss has been great with time off.
Oh what to do!?


I had a fibroadenoma diagnosed in 2005 (i’m 36 now) and opted to have it removed - in case. I was feeling a little silly when i was admitted to hospital for hte op, and the nurse righty read my nerves correctly. I wondered if i should just be leaving well alone… till she assured me if it were her she’d do the same thing, she said there are times when it’s removed and found to be cancerous. I went into the op feeling secure in the knowledge i was trying my best to ensure I was healthy, and if an op was what was best to ensure it really wasn’t something nasty being deceptive then that’s what i’d do. I haven’t regretted it since and was relieved when it truly wasn’t cancerous.

I would recommend having yours removed… just in case. ((Hugs))

Hi PurpleHugs,

Thanks so much for that, I feel the same as you did, a little silly, wondering if I should be leaving it alone. I think for me, it’s having had a different lump removed in Aug 07. The new one has now been confirmed as a fibroadenoma and I have been given a ‘management options’ appointment for Friday 25th April. I have gone from defo not wanting it removed, to doing some homework and defo wanting it removed, and now I’m totally undecided. I feel as if my family and friends are urging me to leave it be and I think this is because of the recent lumpectomy. But I suppose it’s in my body and up to me really. Does anyone know if the doc/surgeon at the hospital is likely to give me his opinion on what he thinks should happen? Or will he stay completely impartial and leave the decision entirely to me?


Hi Tracenpaper,

Hope your appointment went well today?

Had my op about a month ago now - got myself in a complete state over it as it was the first time i’d had a general, but the nurses were fantastic and reassured me every step of the way. Had a week and a half off work, results all came back benign (although I was told I have hyperplasia) and have just got a small scar left. Still getting a bit of pain and twinges though, but i guess thats normal as its probably still healing inside.

My consultant was very impartial on the matter and left the decision completely up to me. The posts on this site really helped, and I was 110% sure that I wanted it removed. Better out than in i reckon. I think you should be very selfish here and do what is right for you. If you’re not bothered about it, and will forget about it, then leave it be. However, if there’s going to be the slightest doubt in your mind then I would have it out. Your boss sounds like he’s been great about everything, and I am absolutely sure he will be supportive of whatever you decide - you definitely should not feel guilty about having some time off work to have it removed. If it happened to me again, I would get rid of it. However, its your body and your decision and you shouldn’t let anyone else influence that. Do what’s right for you.

Good luck today, let us know how you get on.