Fiinshed Chemo today.

Fiinshed Chemo today.

Fiinshed Chemo today. I have just finished chemo today since jan i have had this poison.

Pride myself on having done well really but in all honesty i was thinking i feel like a ship that been in a storm or a big tree blown around and battered.

What a fantastic thing it would be if we had a place to go too and convalesce, anyone know anywhere.

I just feel i could do with 5days or a week away from family, where someone cooks my meals and all i have to do is go for nice walks and sleep and watch films and chat to nice folk when i want not when everyone else wants.

Daughter now pressurising me for comp and i dont need pressure right now.


CONGRATULATONS on finishing your chemo Ruth…i don’t know of anywhere you can go…how about booking yourself into a nice small hotel???

know what you mean bout the presure, you just need time for you at the moment, after the gruelling time you’ve been through.

i really wish i could recommend somewhere, hat about a Breast Cancer Haven, is there one near you?

take care
karen x

Well done! Well done, Ruth, on getting through the Chemo.

How about you and a friend going to a spa for the weekend? Two days of pampering, beauty treatments, good food and relaxing? Or even on your own if you really want to escape (but then there would be no-one to laugh at you with those face packs!)


Well Done 10 days away sounds better !!


Janet x

Spa day Not a week away I know but son and girlfriend have promised me a spa day after chemo finishes and those side effects have gone before rads - have pencilled in a date already.

Not cheap unfortunately but will be lovely to be pampered for the day and to try all those treatments.